Turning Liberia’s Beaches Into Economic Zones – Weah Makes Big Promise

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Before now, it would beat many people’s imagination that the coastal stretch of New Kru Town could be transformed into modern cities around the world. This is the vision President George M. Weah believes can be achieved when the Coastal defense project is completed.

“Our quest is to develop Liberia and we will do it whether it is six or twelve years. Where I once lived Montecarlo, Nice and Miami those places which are before the sea have become economic zones. At some point, I visited the famous South Beach; I saw a famous economic zone where almost the world goes today. When you have been there then you will know the importance of protecting our seashore”, President Weah told the start of a stakeholders dialogue organized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Liberian leader stressed

“We want to thank our partners UNDP and others for making sure we save our seashore. Liberia has the most beautiful beaches in the world from my experience. We will have to create an economic zone for our people. This is why my government has decided to invest in protecting our beaches which I believe are the best”.

“To live near the beaches in other parts of the world is very expensive but we have our people that cannot afford and are blessed to have acquired those land and they are living there. I remember when I was a Senator; we visited New Kru Town to see how we could rescue D. Tweh. But when we looked at our budget it was very small and could not have money enough to save the School”, he said.

He mentioned

“But today, we have called upon our friends from the UNDP and we will have an economic zone. It is important for us and we are determined that those things people feel are impossible. We must be open to investment and we are open to business and sea shore business is some people business. So we encourage the EPA to get out and find people who would make our beaches economically viable. We need to have electricity, bars, and others to make those places economic zones where you could stay up to 12 midnight and relax”.

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