Coalition Clash: NPP And CDC Battles Over Chairman James Baney Legitimacy

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The Governing Council of the Coalition for Democratic Change has called on all contending parties within the leadership of the NPP to return to status quo ante.

The Party in a statement Wednesday noted that until the regular convention is convened the following persons are recognized by the Governing Council of the CDC as the legitimate leaders of the NPP.

Those recognized are James Barney Chairman, Hon. Bolton Dennis Acting Secretary General and John Gray Vice Chairman for Governmental Affairs.
The release under the signature of the Party’s Chairman Mulbah Morlu anticipates the full commitment of rival parties.

The Party’s statement comes on the foot of a recent hullabaloo within the leadership of the National Patriotic Party. The NPP recent noise which led to a bloodbath also witness a deep split among party’s executives.

But the NPP through its acting Chairman John Gray addressing a news conference in Monrovia Thursday said the decision to have Mr. James Biney and Bolton Dennis expelled and suspended for violating key provisions of the NPP’s By-laws and Constitution remains enforced.

Chairman Gray told the news conference Thursday that Biney was accorded due process as required by law to exonerate himself of charges of constitutional violations brought against him.

The Chairman said it was inconceivable on the part of Mulbah Morlu, Moses Kollie, Janga Kowo and Bolton Dennis to challenge a decision in a matter that is solely the internal prerogative of the NPP.

According to Mr. Gray, no constituent member of the Coalition or Governing Council has the authority to interfere with the enforcement of law and order in any of the three parties forming part of the Coalition.

The Chairman said the attempt by Mr. Morlu and others to impose expelled Chairman Biney and suspended Dennis is an affront to the NPP and interference of its internal governance, adding that such imposition has the propensity to brew tension within the Coalition.

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