“Don’t Prejudice The Missing Money Probe”- Student Group Caution Legislature


As the controversial money debate takes another trend, a strong caution has been issued to the Legislature by universities students in Liberia.

The Consortium of University Students Network says its attention has been drawn to the ongoing debate of claims and counter-claims about the controversial authorization and printing of new Liberian dollars banknotes between former Central Bank Governor, Milton Weeks and the House of Representatives.

In a release issued in Monrovia over the weekend, the group called on all parties involved into the ongoing investigation of the missing money saga to exercise high level of tolerant, neutrality and commitment so as to help the entire process reach a logical conclusion, void of malice against anybody or institution.

The group noted that if the ongoing investigation which is being conducted by international investigators is void of unnecessary politics and prejudice, it will help to create a level playing field for all who are involved into the probe.

Patrick Daniel, spokesman of the group intoned that pointing accusing fingers at those who have initially provided an explanation about the money saga could seriously prejudice the ongoing investigation and deeply tarnish the image of Liberia because, according to him, throwing accusation without facts is totally unacceptable and globally unhealthy.

He called on the 54 Legislature, mainly the House of Representatives to focus on the accountability of the money and not its printing processes.

“The pointing of accusing fingers regarding authorization to print the money is belated and as such everybody is interested now in how the 15.5 billion Liberian dollars can be properly tracked and accounted for,” the student group spokesman availed.

The group wants Liberians home and abroad to exercise patience, as the international investigators continue their probe into the matter.

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