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The Monitor of the Independent National Commission on Human Right (INCHR), Stephanie Sayeh wants the case involving 15-years old Mabutu Kromah and a citizen of Margibi County surfaced in Court.

Madam Sayeh in an interview with newsmen following the formal opening of November term, A.D 2018 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Kakata on Monday November 12, 2018 averred that Mabutu Kromah was allegedly detained by a citizen in Margibi with his hands almost chopped off but she has not heard about the case being in Court.

Sayeh disclosed that she went to the building that hosts the Magisterial and 13th Judicial Circuit Courts before to ascertain information in relation to the case but she has not been given any good response.

According to her, she could not reach the County Attorney and the Defense Counsel because they were not around the area. She narrated that she has been made to understand that the case has been settled out of Court.

The lady further said attempted murder is a court case, adding that somebody can’t use a machete to hurt another person badly and that person is not heard even though he is a child. She said the case needs to be heard, expressing the need for justice to be done.

Sayeh maintained that she wants to put forth Mabutu Kromah’s case to the resident Judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court hoping the Judge will help her in bringing out the issues and those who are involve in the case will surface.

She said her focus now is for the case to be register and the Magisterial Court and transferred to the Circuit Court because it is an attempted murder.

Madam Sayeh has at the same time expressed the need for the Law to take its course on human rights abuses. She said there are cases that do not go to the notice of the Judge or most of the County Attorneys and the Local Bar Association, stating that people mediate issues that are human right abuse out of the Court.

She explained that everyone knows that Liberia is a signatory to the Geneva convention on human rights and once an individual is found guilty of abusing one another’s right, the law must take its course.

“Like the Judges said today, I was very impressed; the rule of law must be upheld and if the rule of law is upheld properly like she said these things will not be happening out there” she added.

She stated that a hungry man is an angry man, as such; if there must be peace and stability there must be justice, the poor must be heard to know exactly what their problem is before settlement takes place.

The INCHR Monitor, however, asserted that having spent just a couple of months in the County, she is trying to get herself adjusted or trying to put modality into place in order to tackle human right abuses that may occur in her assigned County.

It can be recalled Mabutu Kromah was arrested by some individuals allegedly on the order of Patience Natt commonly known as SAMPEE and she reportedly turned him over to her brother who tied him up in her shop and inflated wounds on his hands at midnight.

The case was taken to the Women and Children Protection Section (WACPS) of the Liberia National Police in Kakata on Sunday October 28, 2018 but not much has been heard regarding the issue.

All effort to get information from Madam Patience Natt and the Police was futile.

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