Volleyball Federation Gave Moiffe Kanneh Another 4-Year term


Stakeholders of the Liberia Volleyball Federation (LVF) have re-elected embattled leader, Moiffe Kanneh and his two Vice Presidents to stir the affairs of the local volleyball for another four years.

The Stakeholders and clubs of the LVF at the weekend elected Cllr. Kanneh and a new team of leaders to manage Volleyball Sports in Liberia.

Volleyball games have been at a standstill for almost two years due to conflict amongst clubs and stakeholders of the sport.
Some aggrieved volleyball teams and stakeholders over the past years have opposed the Cllr. Moiffe Kanneh’s leadership.

Some of these aggrieved stakeholders and clubs stay away from the weekend election, despite the “settling of the dispute” by the Youth and Sports Ministry following several consultations.

Cllr. Moiffe Kanneh was elected Saturday on a white ballot by 17 of the 20 qualified stakeholders and clubs, while his longtime trusted Vice President for Operations Derrick Dumbar defeated Gyedee Neal 10-7 votes to retain his VPO post.

Bendu Ciapha retained her Vice President for Administration post on a white ballot.

Marcus Quoigoah won the Secretary-General post on a white ballot as was his deputy, Emmanuel Quoiquoi who also won the Deputy Secretary General post. Akim Massaquoi defeated Lester Hinneh 11-6 votes in the race for the treasurer position.

The election took place at the Right-to-Play office in Paynesville with the Liberia National Olympic Committee represented by its Vice Chairman Malcolm Joseph serving as observers.

The Youth and Sports Ministry that served as arbiter between the parties stayed away from the election.
Speaking after the declaration of the winners, LNOC Vice Chairman, Malcolm Joseph commended the stakeholders for their collaborations to end the impasse within the Federation and forged ahead.

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