Disabled Community In Rivercess Divided Over Leadership

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Cestos City–Serious Confusion is said to be booming in Rivercess over who heads the disabled community of the county.

Over the past four months, there has been hauling and pulling over the leadership of the Disabled community.

The Coordinator of the National Union of the Organization of the Disabled (NUOD), Mr. Samuel M. Outland is claiming to be the legitimate head, while on the other hand Mr. George H. Zorkor, Coordinator for the Group of 77 is raising his voices as the head.

According to Mr. Outland, NUOD is the mother body of all disable groups in Liberia, as far he is concerned G77 falls under his group.

Mr. Outland said G77 is a government enacted body that is running at the will and pleasure of the Vice President and as such, it can not head group of disabled people who are on the back of government advocating for the rights and inclusion.

As for Mr. Zorkor, he said the group of 77 is the government arm that seeks the well-being of people with all forms of disabilities and NUOD which is a civil society group can not head disabled people issues in the presence of G77.

The leadership crisis in the Disabled community in River Cess begun since the appointment Mr. Zorkor as G77 county Coordinator and subsequent arrival in July this year.

Prior to the appointment of the visually umpired G77 head, Mr. Samuel Outland has been singled handily heading people living with disability in River Cess.

Upon the arrival of Mr. Zorkor in July 2018, he claimed that he was denied access to the Disabled home constructed by funds from River Cess’ County and Social Development Funds by the NUOD Coordinator who is currently in charge of the home.

“When I entered into this county, I went straight to the Disabled Home but I was told that the place was not built house government officials. Currently, I am residing outside of the home in a private home where I’m renting”. Mr. Zorkor told reporters.

When contacted, Mr. Outland alluded, saying the coordinator G77 was appointed by the government and the government should find lodging for him.

He added that the home is meant for under unprivileged people and not government appointees. The situation has caused a split among disabled people in the county.

Currently, the disabled community of Rivercess is divided into three.

One group supports Mr. Samuel Outland as the legitimate head, another considers Mr. George H. Zorkor as their read leader while another group stands neutral in the process.

The power struggle might impede the progress of improving disabled people lives in Rivercess if the situation is not addressed speedily.


Story By: Aaron Wesley Geezay

The Monrovia Times Rivercess Correspondent



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