Margibi Journalists Imposes Media Blockage On County Leadership

County News

Journalists across Margibi County have imposed a media blockage on the leadership of the County for refusing to allocate fund in support of various Community Radio Stations during the 2018/2019 County Sitting held at the Kakata Administrative Building on November 14, 2018.

Managers and reporters of various Community Radio Stations in the County, as well as reporters and correspondents of various Newspapers and Radio Stations, angrily walked out of the Sitting after the Chairman of the Caucus, Ben A. Fofana and the County Superintendent Jerry Varnie refused to listen to a suggestion from some of the delegates who were advocating on behalf of the Media.

The delegates in their words were calling for a portion of the two hundred and thirty-two thousand six hundred and sixty-six United States dollars (US$232,666) to be allocated to the ten Community Radio Stations in the County but they were not recognized by the presiding officer and the chairman of the Margibi Legislative Caucus.

Prior to the County Sitting, there were series of District Sittings held in the five electoral Districts and the issue of support to Community Radio Stations was raised by some media practitioners and delegates but it was ignored by various Lawmakers except for District #3 Representative whose proxy took the plat of Community Radios to the County Sitting.

This is not the first time the Media is being left out of the County and Social development funds as it also happened under the leadership of former Superintendent John Zubah Buway and former Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay as Caucus Chair and other past Caucus Chairs.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Caucus and the Superintendent of the County have embarked on the process of engaging media managers to see reasons to abort their media blockage. Superintendent Varnie on a talk show hosted by some managers of the County apologized to Journalists and acknowledged that they wrong the media

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