Expert Wants Liberian Visas Burden Lessen For Tourists

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Liberia’s quest to harness its huge tourism potential which is largely untapped will require both government and private sector interventions.

This means the doors to tourist investors must remain open through the reduction of visas and other fees so as to attract more tourist and support development efforts.

This was the view espoused by Lena Marner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Papper Adventure, an international tourism company that promotes Liberia’s vastly lucrative Tourism sector through branding globally.

“To boost tourism in Liberia, there is a need to invest in roads to those marvelous infrastructures, and reduce the process of visas. My travels to Liberia have been expensive as compared to Sweden. The cost needs to be comparable to other African countries”, she said in an interview.

She pointed out “I am investing in spreading the word about Liberia as the next hot tourist destination in the world. Buchanan has an enormous potential, and Rivercess and Robertsport in Grand Cape Mount County and they represent my three favorite tourism hotspots in Liberia. I am investing in bringing people to Liberia and promoting Liberia on the social media channels where I am active”.

“I am from Sweden but I have a history in Liberia. I grew up in Liberia in the 60S and 70s and as soon it was possible to come back and do something for Liberia I arranged travels to Liberia to promote tourism. In my view, traveling to Liberia gives you a unique opportunity to experience the adventure of one of Africa’s last tropical rainforests that has 360km long untouched beaches which are really amazing. Liberia is an amazing country with a fascinating history and its beautiful beaches and marvelous scenery. It is simply a sublime destination”, she narrated.

She added “my company’s value is based on the desire to contribute to Liberia’s development by contributing to tourism. So, therefore, we work with local suppliers and companies and using workforce”.

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