Improper Disposal Of Waste A “National Security Threat” Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee Declares

The Monrovia City Cooperation has Signed resolution for the development of waste management support in Monrovia and Liberia at Large.

The resolution amongst other things focused on increasing national budgetary support for the management of waste in Monrovia, identifying revenue resources for waste and supporting the value chain for waste which includes recycling and reusing.

The resolution also calls for citizens’ action to support the waste sector, rallying of the local community to take responsibility for the waste they produce and obligate the local business community to MCC’s waste management program.

Representatives from various groupings including key actors within the waste sector who affixed their signatures to the resolution said the document will drive MCC’s solid waste management plan in order to address the waste challenges the city is faced with.

The Monrovia City Corporation is currently faced with huge financial and logistical constraints which often make it difficult in tackling the dangling waste problems within its municipality.

Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee speaking at the opening of the conference declared waste management a “potential national security threat” which requires a head-on- approach.

The Mayor of the City of Monrovia said improper waste disposal is a national security threat which requires a set of holistic approaches anchored on firm community engagement.

The Mayor referenced the rapid spread of the 2014 outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus which he noted, can be traced to the fundamental challenge of waste management in Monrovia and other areas.

Koijee pointed that no other time is better than now for stakeholders in communities, the environment and waste management sectors to develop and derive a sustainable plan to address the menace.

According to Mayor Koijee, the citizens of Monrovia and surrounding areas must dialogue derive at a lasting solution by which all can proudly boast of their capital city.

He vowed that the City government will not hesitate to implement or enforce the outcome of the stakeholder’s dialogue which seeks to promote a healthy, clean and green environment.

The Mayor spoke Friday when the Monrovia City Corporation formally opened a two-day Waste Management Conference in the theater of the city hall.

The two days Waste Management Conference was held under the Theme: “Building Synergy and Partnership for a Sustainable Approach towards Solid Waste Management”,

The conference brought together stakeholders including donors within the waste management sector to provide the needed expertise, logistics, and resources to help the MCC address solid waste disposal.

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