Getting Value For Money – CSA Making Gains In Improved Service Delivery

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A huge chunk of the Liberian government’s budget goes towards paying salaries and benefits of civil servants. And so, the need to ensure a civil service that is motivated and accountable cannot be overemphasized.

As part of its Public sector Modernization Project (PSMP), the CSA is working dead hard to manage performance within the public sector.

In an interview, Rebecca Kwabo, Deputy Director for Performance Management intoned that due to the system civil servants are motivated, enthusiastic and working harder than before.

“The people are working, the Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity is succeeding because there are indicators to point to and prove that this government working well”, she said.

Already, CSA has trained over 2000 supervisors at various Ministries, Agencies and Commissions (MACs) Preparing Performance Journal, Performance Appraisals and Evaluation, Objectives and Goals Setting, Record Goals and Accomplishments amongst others.

She mentioned “for years now civil servants have been working but never held accountable for the work they do. So in 2014, with the Public Sector Modernization Project, improved performance was one of the DLIs agreed upon by the government and its partners. Now we are driving the implementation of performance management. It is a system wherein supervisors set goals for employees and track achievements under the Ministry or Agency strategic goals and objectives”.

“At first, we started with the 7 participating Ministries under the project and then we held 12 weeks session for 40 supervisors per week. All of those ministries have completed the first annual circle of performance management. We visited the 15 counties and DE concentrated the system, and this was never done before in Liberia. We trained 1088 supervisors across the 15 counties”, she said.

She added “when you go now to ministries, you will see people actually eager to work. Everyone is completing his or her task to get appraised by his or her supervisors. The government has invested a lot in civil servants and so we must do the jobs for which we are paid. Performance Management allows everyone to be held to account for the work he or she are paid to do”.

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