In Connection With Hon. Yekeh Kolubah And Journalist Philibert Brown Statement Over Missing Billions House Plenary Snubs Rep. Goshua ‘Motion For Reconsideration’


Today the House of Representatives Plenary took a decision to deny Rep. Thomas A. Goshua ‘Motion for Reconsideration’ amid the lower house last week decided to invite the Journalist Philibert Brown over statement accusing sitting lawmakers of bribery into the missing money and Hon., Yekeh Kolubah for a statement against Pres. Weah.

Last Week’s decision was prompted by a communication from Nimba County Lawmaker Samuel Kogar over the two statesmen information indicting public officials into the alleged missing millions in which Rep. Acarous Gray of District 8, made a motion to invite Journalist Brown with his Lawyer to give information supporting his claims and furthermore that Rep. Kolubah be turned over to the committee on Rules Order and Administration for investigation regarding his statement against President Weah.

Hon. Kolubah stated on a talk show that the missing container is currently situated in Pres. Weah’s compound while journalist Brown accused 12 members of the House of Representatives of issuing bribes for the printing of more money.

Rep. Goshua’s motion for reconsideration is in keeping with the House’s standing rule #17.4Q in which the lawmaker stated that the motion previously preferred to place a member of the house of Representative under investigation for his independent statement over a matter of national issue undermines the constitutional rights and function as a body.

Additionally, the Grand Bassa County District 5 Representative indicated that the request by plenary to invite Journalist Brown over statements on the missing billions will signal a wrong perception to the public on the essence of freedom of expression and more.

According to Rule 17.4Q, When an issue is decided by the House, any Legislator who voted on the issue may, on the same day, or within the next two following session days move for reconsideration of the decision; every motion for reconsideration shall be decided by a majority vote.

During session today, there were heated arguments over the motion for reconsideration owing that Speaker Bhofal Chambers was proceeding outside of the rules. Speaker Chambers without testing the motion for reconsideration requested another motion to seek lawmakers’ vote on the matter previously heard. House Rule 17.4 states when a matter is pending or is being debated or considered, no motion shall be entertained except a motion to take a recess, to adjourn to a day certain or when the house adjourns to a certain day” among others.

Speaker Chambers requested a motion from Montserrado District 16. Rep. Dixon Seboe which in his motion denied Rep. Goshua’s motion of reconsideration stating that the previous decision by plenary is maintained. 19 lawmakers voted in favor to deny while 10 voted against and 3 abstentions of the motion.

Since the news of the alleged missing billions, claims and counterclaims have engulfed the legislature with accusations of members of the honorable body being implicated due to their constitutional mandate as a body to approve money printing.

Presently, the Legislature has joined the national and international investigators investigating the alleged missing money in an attempt to authenticate the missing dollars and to ensure the restoration of the country’s image both locally and internationally.

Several Witnesses have been testifying before full plenary over their account and role played in the missing money saga as a way to inform the legislature on further actions.

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