Bad Mining May Lead To Disaster In Rivercess County


A huge portion of RiverCess County stands the risk of suffering from heavy disaster due to bad mining activities in the areas. RiverCess is one of the counties in Liberia rich with mineral resources, particularly in the upper belts and parts along the Cestos River.

The miners most of whom are Chinese and Ghanaian nationals are using heavy duty machines such as excavators and drags to mine gold in huge quantities. The Chinese miners are said to be hired by cooperatives of Liberian miners who have class “C” licenses.

They use excavators to overlap or clear the land before getting to the part of the soil holding the mineral. Some of the portions of land cleared can be as large as up to 40 acres.

During this process, they clear large species of trees which could be used for timber processing and upon the exploration of the gold from the targeted area, the miners leave heavy pits in the middle of the forest, thereby turning into ponds and lakes.

Places affected by this kind of mining are Teeflewein, Sand Beach Gold Camp, Abidjan Gold Camp and Sayee Town all in Kploh Chiefdom, Central River Cess Administrative District, while Monweh statutory towns of Bluehn and Zoryeah suffer similar devastation.

The situation is not only dangerous to the existence of humans, but it also put the lives of wildlife and other creatures at risk. This kind of mining is new to the mining industry of the county.

All of those using Excavators in the mining sector of the county are hiding behind class “C” licenses, which are issued to artisanal miners (shovel miners).

Despite the used of huge machinery to mine gold and other minerals, those affected benefit little or nothing from the miners. Earlier this year, there were three uprising between Chinese miners and citizens in Zoryeah town, Teeflewein and Abidjan Gold Camp based on dissatisfaction.

One of the violent acts led to the damaging of hundreds of thousands worth of properties belonging to the Chinese and Ghanaian miners in Zoryeah. According to the aggrieved citizens, their communities were not benefiting in the wake of the huge exploration.


Story By The Monrovia Times Rivercess Correspondent: Aaron Wesley Geezay 0880992716/0770992716/


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