LDEA Wants Drug Law Amended

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The Liberian Drugs enforcement Agency (LDEA), Bong county detachment is calling on members of the 54th National Legislature to amend the drug law of Liberia.

The Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) is an agency within the Liberian government charged with the responsibility of fighting drug-related crimes.

Before its creation, fighting drug crimes was a responsibility of the Ministry of Defense.

The agency began as the National Drug Committee of the Interim Government of National Unity; it was created in 1993 during the presidency of Amos Sawyer. Five years later, the committee was converted into its present form: President Taylor signed a bill passed by the National Legislature that created the LDEA and patterned it after the Drug Enforcement Administration in the United States.

The DEA is charged with fighting drug trafficking at the country’s borders, arresting traffickers and dealers, and destroying illegal drugs

Speaking in an interview with The Monrovia Times on November 21, 2018 the LDEA commander Alex Toweh said if the drug Law of the country is amended it will help to curtail the high increase of drug trafficking in the country.

According to him, the drugs law is weak; something he stressed is also responsible for the proliferation of drugs in the communities.
He wants the national government to do something swiftly before Liberia becomes a safe haven for drugs dealers.

The LDEA Commander further said because the drug law is billable, community dwells are often accusing them (LDEA Officers) of allowing those drug user they are arresting to return to the same community they have been arrested in.

But, Contrary to the accusation Toweh said those drug users whom they often arrest are charge and send to court because the LDEA don’t have the prosecuting power, adding their coming back in the community lie in the hands of the court.

Meanwhile, LDEA Commander Alex Toweh has trashed an allegation levied against his entity that they are always collecting legal drugs from Medicine stores in the county.

There have been continuing Public outcry from drug stores owners in the county that LDEA officers are often collecting legal drugs from their stores in the name of illegal drug, especially Traumadog.

He stated that at no point in time his Officers have ever collect legal drugs from Medicine Stores.

Commander Toweh said the L DEA remains committed to ensuring that the necessary measures are put into place in other to curtail drugs trafficking, but not to collect medicines or money from people that are legally serving the Country.

1 thought on “LDEA Wants Drug Law Amended

  1. The drug war is far from winning.
    Like other national issues, their solutions fast reaching when the leaders and the people are in accord: they both know what is required and thus make leaders and leaders make decisions that advance the good health of the country.
    Adding life to the drug law gets to be very difficult when you see that even members of that body are themselves found consuming and trading the substance.
    It’s hard.

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