“I Was Afraid Facing 9-Year-Old Abigail” First Liberian Women Chess Champion Teta Admits

Teta Thompson made name for herself at the weekend when she put behind her an early scare from 9-year-old Abigail Karyah to become the first woman Champion in Liberian Chess Championship.

Teta played seven games against little Abigail winning six on her way to becoming champion in the women chess championship.

She admitted to reporters that she was “very scared” when she was told that she will face little Abigail Karyah, the daughter of one of Liberia’s Chess administrator.

According to Teta, she was afraid of facing the kid because she had not been playing for almost two years. “I was afraid because I thought Abigail had been practicing very hard”, Teta said.

Abigail gave her the runner for her money in the first match winning her big opponent but failed to maintain her composure on day two.

Teta won the second match, thus gaining some level of confidence. She won the rest of the games, as little Abigail loss her on confidence.

“I feel so happy and proud becoming the female champion. I was actually afraid coming into the competition especially as I had not been practicing” Teta said.

She said the result has given her motivation to put some attention to Chess.

“The game is sweet to play by all. Chess is not for only men. I want more women into the competition” Teta told reporters.

She added that she will train harder so that she can begin challenging men.

For her part, little Abigail Karyah said: “it’s just a defeat, but am not disappointed; I will just get over it”.

She added that she was happy competing in the tournament against opponents far ahead of her in age.

The 9-year-old said she wants to be a great chess star and called on the local Chess Federation and government to take the sport to schools.

“I always tell my friends about Chess at my school, but I just don’t know how to convince them to get interested in playing”, Abigail said.

She wore smiles when Teta Thompson was called on stage to make remarks as women champion. Abigail smiling as she reacted to the speech by Teta, said: “I want another challenge against her”.

The two want more ladies encourage to the game, with both promising to help in training.

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