Sixteen Year- Mycelia Saye Puts Smile On The Faces Of Over Five Hundred Orphaned Children Between The Ages of 4-18.

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Several less fortunate Children at the Kahatian Children’s Villiage in Brewerville over the weekend received dozens of school materials from a group of Teen Agers, under the banner Youth Motivational Team.

Mycelia Saye, President of the Youth Motivational Team said the donation is the organization way of giving hope to less fortunate children across the country. She stressed by urging the children not to look down upon their current life status but instead to always see themselves as ambassadors of success.

The Youthful CEO of Youth Motivational Team then encouraged the less fortunate Children not to forget from whence they come while lauding their instructors for the level of guidance they continue to provide.

The Youth Motivational Team (YMT) is a group of high school students, mostly females, passionate about seeking and supporting the welfare of less fortunate children.

“We don’t have to be a millionaire to contribute to your Well-Being, the little we have we give it in order to make you smile.” She averred.

Mycelia Saye who is the vision bearer of the group wants the kids to exhibit the spirit of love among themselves.

YMT has committed itself to advocacy and creating awareness among other young people on self-empowerment, sexual and reproductive health and rape, and rehabilitating vulnerable street children through the guidance and support of professional and civic leaders.

As part of its first service intervention, YMT conducted a rapid needs assessment at the Kahatain Children’s Village in the VOA Community, Brewerville, a residence for approximately 500 orphaned children between ages 4-18.

The assessment revealed appalling living conditions, with poor shelter, minimal food, no school materials nor access to healthcare for resident children.

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