Weah Impresses NAYMOTE’s Performance Scorecard in 270 Days


It has always been a herculean task for governments the world over to match promises with deliverables. This has made many voters bedecked their governments with insincerity to their plights. But it seems the tale will be different for Liberia at least according to the latest President Performance Meter Survey of the National Youth Movement for Transparent Election NAYMOTE.

NAYMOTE is Liberia’s leading grassroots Civil Society Organizations promoting democracy, peacebuilding, human rights and civic engagement in Liberia.

The President 270 days report presents the findings of promises tracked, documented, monitored and rated against progress made by President George M. Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) between the periods January 22 to October 31, 2018.

“This survey is not unique to Liberia it is done in Ghana, Gambia Nigeria and others. And when we sincerely look at what we see here compare with what we saw in other countries we can say the government is doing well”, espoused Executive Director Eddie Jarwolo at the formal launch in Monrovia.

For example, the Buhari Meter in Nigeria, he said “there were about 22 promises and 7 have been completed 95 ongoing and he has been in power for almost 4 years. So for the government to do all of those in a year, we think they are doing well on their promises”.

The report outlined 85 promises made by the CDC led government of which 10 were focused on education, 8 dealt with health, 12 focused on the economy, 7 highlighted agriculture and forestry, 12 dealt with infrastructure development, 1 highlighted transportation, 5 on justice and human rights, 4 on youth reorientation and empowerment, 3 on security and national defense, 5 on foreign policy and diplomatic relations, 4 on decentralization of institutions and systems, 3 on gender equality, 5 on senior citizens and physically challenged, 2 on reconciliation and 4 on accountability.

“Of the 85 promises, 4 have been rated as completed which include the payment of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) fees for all students who sat the WAEC exams in 2017 across the country. Renovation of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, ensure the passage of the Land Rights Act, reduction of salaries for public officials under the Executive Branch of Government”, the report noted.

The report however recommended amongst others that the CDC led government develop a results-based communication strategy to facilitate a two-way flow of information between the government and citizens and establish an inter-ministerial committee to coordinate government’s efforts in fulfilling her promises, etc.

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  1. As I welcome the report on the state affairs of Liberia. I urge the government to be steadfast and muster the courage to fight corruption. To exercise good governance as a government, it requires good leadership and having the political will to fight corruption. Please don’t be complacent and satisfied in steering the affairs of the country but exercise more courage to transform the lives of your people…

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