Tondo Chops Over 1million LD For Winning Chess Tournament


James Tondo the winner of the Liberia Chess Federation (LCF) 2018 Open Championship was Tuesday presented one million; ninety-two thousand in Liberian dollars for becoming the Champion in the first FIDE rated championship in Liberia.`

Besides the cash, Tondo was also presented a beautiful trophy, medal and sashed by the Liberia Chess Federation.


The runner-up to Tondo, dethroned Champion, CM Barcon Harmon was presented seventy-eight thousand Liberia dollars.Barcon was given the runner-up medal and sashed as well by the LCF.

In the women event, Teta Thompson won fifty-eight thousand in Liberian dollars for winning the women championship in front of 9-year-old Abigail Karyah.
Little Abigail Karyah who won one of her six games against Teta, pocketed thirty-nine thousand Liberian dollars for finishing second in the women event.

The 2018 FIDE rated Open Chess Championship was officiated by international Chess Arbiter, Ivorian Mario Kpan who praised the local Chess Federation for the organization of the tournament.

About 24 players competed in the male event, while 2 featured in the female event. It was the first time since the establishment of the Liberia Chess Federation for winners to be handed such prize awards.

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