Kokoyah Citizens Concludes Peace Dialogue With MNG Gold

Local News

Calm is about to exist between Citizens of Kokoyah District and Mining Company MNG Gold as citizens of the area end one day Peace and reconciliatory Dialogue with the Management of mining Company MNG Gold.

According to our Bong County Correspondent, on Tuesday, November 27, more than forty residents including local Authorities of Boinsen District sat on a roundtable to have peace dialogue with the Company Executives.

Our Correspondent said, in early November, a contracted Toyota pick-up accidentally killed four persons, three boys and a girl who were on a bike to an unknown destination.

He further said when the accident occurred; the pickup driver immediately escaped the scene in fear of his life thus prompting the aggrieved residents to set the car ablaze.

According to reports, the situation also led the residents to have looted and vandalized the facility of the gold mining company.
Following that, the Bong County National Police in collaboration with some officers from Montserrado launched a house to house search to retrieve materials that were looted by the residents.

Our Bong County Correspondent stated that, during the house to house search, more than seventy persons were arrested in connection with the situation.

After the one day dialogue between citizens and the Management of Mining Company MNG Gold some of the Residents who spoke to The Monrovia Times said it was important that they organize the peace dialogue in order to restore calm in the region.

They told Newsmen that it is disheartening to live in Kokoyah without peace with the Company adding that even though it undermines the operation of the company, but it also big worries to them as citizens.

The concern residents said they were not pleased with the action carried out by some of their colleagues despite losing the lives of four persons.
The concern citizens further used the medium to assured MNG Gold Mining Company never to have such action repeated on grounds that it undermines their communities and the nation as a whole in term of development.

They said those that were arrested and placed behind bars have left their children homes and there is no one to feed them.

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