For Introducing Tutorial Program For Senior Students, Liberian Educator Lauds Government

Local News

A Liberian educator in Margibi County has lauded the Government of Liberia for introducing the Saturday tutorial program for students that are expected to sit the 2018/2019 West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Mr. Anthony M. Jallah, Principal of the Kakata Community College told newsmen in Kakata recently that the tutorial program is a blessing for Liberian students especially in the absence of instructional materials.

According to him, the initiative by the central government to underwrite the cost of conducting tutorial is a blessing and a reduction in the overhead burden for school authorities.

Mr. Jallah disclosed that his Institution was collecting study class fees from parents and students to be able to conduct tutorial classes on their own adding, ‘for the Government to come in we think it is a blessing for us, we support the idea, we are giving our highest cooperation in the process’.

He indicated that no time could have been better than the time the program was introduced on grounds that by the year 2020 it will be compulsory for all students across the Country to make a successful pass in WASSCE before getting entry into any University in Liberia.

Mr. Jallah narrated that there are almost sufficient teachers to provide instruction to all the students unlike at the level of the school own initiative where they sometimes get only two teachers per Saturday. “Right now you have seven teachers coming to at least take over seven periods, and that would be seven subjects out of the nine required subjects.

He explained that the program is very effective, but the only challenge is that students and school authorities have been asked to provide seats. The Liberian Educator further averred that they have been made to understand that Government will soon begin providing supplies for the program terming it as a burden that is being taken from the shoulders of school administrators.

Mr. Jallah said the program is being supervised by representatives of various schools, the national government (Ministry of Education and the office of the CEO (County Education Office) of Margibi respectively.

In a related development, Mr. Jallah has revealed that the biggest challenge schools in the County are faced with is finding qualify people (Instructors) to provide the kind of services that are needed.

He revealed that all the schools in Kakata are understaffed and the teachers are not providing the required frequency that is needed by day and by the week because of the less number of qualify teachers.

The Liberian educator averred that the qualify teachers are commuting among the high schools that are in the County and schools are constrained to accept the frequency that these teachers are offering on grounds that any attempt to refuse means that a school will not get any of the qualify teachers.

He meanwhile attributed this to the Ministry of Education not providing the kind of incentive that is needed to encourage people to take into the classroom noting, ‘if the incentive was there, you will not have less qualify people being the only one available so that’s the biggest challenge.

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