CSA Familiarizes DMAs, AMAs On Performance Management

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The government of Liberia drives to get value for money is ingrained in a robust performance management system, a significant pillar of the Public Sector Modernization Project of the Civil Service Agency (CSA). And so, the CSA has begun a process of familiarizing newly appointed Deputy and Assistant Ministers for Administration with monitoring and managing performance in government.

“We want to use this platform to orientate and introduce newly appointed DMAs/AMAs as well as other IRC members on the government’s Performance Management System and how it supports the implementation of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development”, CSA Director General Laurine Wede Johnson told the formal orientation in Marshall, Margibi County.

As part of the Civil Service Agency’s mandate to improve human resource capacity, service delivery and enhance the effectiveness of the Civil Service, performance management is one key strategic tool for the effective, efficient and professional service delivery within the Government.

She mentioned, “it is important for the newly appointed DMAs and AMAs as well as other IRC members to understand the government’s various functional reviews done on the participating ministries and tease out ways of obtaining political buy-in to conclude the pending assessments”.

The PSMP among other things comprises three governing components, namely: Pay Reform, Payroll Reform and Performance Management. These governing programmatic components are shared responsibilities of three public institutions, which make up the tripod, the Civil Service Agency (CSA), Governance Commission (GC), and the Liberian Institution of Public Administration (LIPA).
The IRCs comprise of a minimum of seven (7) knowledgeable and experienced personnel preferably holding the position of Director who are technically supported by the Tripod. Specifically, the IRC is headed by the Deputy Minister for Administration (included to obtain political buy-in). Others include the Human Resource Director, the Controller, Public Relation Director, and three Directors from core functional departments from the MACs.

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