Legitimate Or Illegitimate? The Tale Of Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, Expulsion From NPP


The decision to expel VP-Taylor was reached by delegates during the weekend at an extraordinary session of the NPP in Bentol, Montserrado County.

In a resolution, the delegates agreed to communicate with President Weah to scrape Madam Howard-Taylor off her vice presidential post.

Madam Howard-Taylor, Vice President of Liberia and President George Weah were elected on the ticket of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

The extraordinary session also expelled Mr. John Gray who had been acting as Chairman of the party.

They accused the two of violating the party’s By-laws and Constitution.

Biney, the man who is said to have been suspended by the Executive Committee of the NPP told delegates at the extraordinary session that the party might reach a crisis point if they fail to take certain decisions in the interest of the former ruling establishment.

The decision reached by the delegates was read by Eric Kennedy, an official of the session’s organizing committee

A document shows that James Biney was expelled as Chairman, while Bolton Dennis, Assistant Secretary-General for Operations was suspended for allegedly violating the Constitution of the NPP.

Biney and Dennis challenged the party, terming the party’s action as unconstitutional. The NPP now has two factions-the James Biney and The John Gray’s faction.

The faction under the leadership of Mr. Gray runs its affairs at the headquarters of the party in Congo, while the Biney’s bloc administers the affairs of the political institution at a different location. There has been a feud between Biney and Madam Howard-Taylor.

Biney recently told the local media the Vice President had confided in him, expressing her desire to contest the presidency at the close of the CDC-led government first term.

According to Biney, his response to the Vice President resisting her request prompted hatred for him.

Meanwhile, the John Gray’s faction of the NPP has described the move as illegitimate, only meant to appease those sponsoring James Biney.

National Secretary-General Andrew Peters told The Monrovia Times minutes after the climax of the Bentol’s extraordinary session that Biney is no more a member of the party; as such he lacks the authority to preside over an assembly of such.

According to Peters, the party under the leadership of Mr. John Gray is heading for a national convention on the 8th of December this year.

Peters said the Vice President and Standard Bearer of the party is not worried about the outcome of what he terms as a lawless deliberation.

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