Sup. Walker Settle Dispute Between MNG & Aggrieves Citizens In Bong

Local News

In the wake of achieving the expected goals under the Pro-Poor agenda of the CDC led government, Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker December 1, 2018 succeeded in her quest of maintaining a peaceful co-existence amongst citizens of Kokoyah and Mining Company MNG.

Superintendent Walker initiated a daylong Kokoyah Statutory District to reunion citizens’ with China Group Gerhorbah Mining Services Company (CGGMSC) and MNG.

The Bong county superintendent’s peaceful initiative was as a result of serious tension that brewed between the citizens and the MNG family after the death of four of their citizens in a motor accident.

It can be recalled that on November 5, 2018 a pickup owned by CGGMSC was hired by mining company MNG to carry on some of its operations while instantly rushed into a motorcycle in Saye-weh town and killed the four riders onboard.

As the result of the killing of the four persons, several angry citizens stormed and the compound of the company in David-Dean’s town and made away with several of the company’s materials and burned the pickup.
At the moment, several police officers rushed on the scene of the situation to maintain peace a process that escalated the violence.

Since the incidence, citizens of Kokoyah Statutory District and the management teams of MNG-Gold and CGGMSC have been in serious dismay, a situation that halted normal activities including the closure of some learning institutions.

Several citizens and institutions of the county have been calling on the leadership of the county to quickly intervene, a quest Superintendent Walker based on to organize the reunion forum.

Over the weekend, the Bong County Superintendent invited officials of MNG Gold, CGGMSC and the citizens of Kokoyah to forgo the disunity and work together peacefully in Dolo’s town.

Citizens who attended the forum and spoke in separate remarks, joined Superintendent Walker to appeal to the company to pardon them and live together to improve their lives.

Also making remarks, the government liaison officer Eugene Kollie pledged the company commitment in bettering the living conditions of the people of Kokoyah.

Eugene Kollie thanked the citizens for honoring the call by the superintendent to re-union their differences for a progressive Liberia.

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