LEITI Risk Expulsion From The International EITI Board

The Head of the Liberia Extractive Industry & Transparency Initiative (LEITI) Gabriel Nyenkan has disclosed that Liberia risk expulsion from the International EITI board if she fails to publish its annual report.

He said the amount of US$96,000.00 is required to publish the report which according to him has been prepared by a British firm called Mole Steven.

He mentioned that if the country is delisted from the international EITI process its natural resources like gold and diamond will also be sanctioned.

The Controversial LEITI Boss who admitted that he wrongfully took over at the institution, asserted that his then action is now driving away international partners from helping the entity.

Nyenkan is at the same time appealing to the government through the Ministry of Finance for help in order to save the institution from being expelled.

Amidst his assertion Tuesday on a local radio in Monrovia, the LEITI problem was previously predicted by the then heads of the entity Kona Karmo and Myer Saye.

The Outgoing LEITI Executives earlier warned the Gabriel Nyenkan team about administrative flawed that marred his taking over at LEITI and its further consequences.

According to Gabriel Nyenkan his forceful takeover at LEITI has also brought a dent on his administration.

“Donors are skeptical to fund LEITI, despite assuring them that the institution is open to audit.”
He further that “LEITI is struggling to meet its many needs financially; imagine that as head of Secretariat I am given a 10-gallon gasoline every month for operation.”

Recently the appointment of defeated representative candidate Gabriel Nyenkan was greeted with public condemnation with some pundits citing the violation of the act establishing the institution.


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