“No Time For Blame Shifting” Rep. Moima Briggs Mensah Reminds FOM Officials

The Representative of District #6 in Bong County, Moima Briggs Mensah has reminded officials of the Friends of Moima (FOM) that this is not the time for blame shifting.

The Lawmaker made the statement at program marking the 3rd anniversary and thanksgiving celebration of the Friends of Moima held at the Salala Town Hall recently.

She told the FOM officials that the hour is now for them to work for their people in order for them (people) to see the work of their votes thereby calling on them to sit down and let the people take the stage if they can’t work on adding that they must do the people’s work.

Rep. Mensah further informed the leadership of the FOM that it has to go back to the different groups and individuals to have them inform about her, include them and recognize their efforts.

“The relationship you built with them in the past you have to maintain the relationship right now, you must communicate everything to them; don’t let for somebody to come to tell you first” she admonished the leadership.

The Lawmaker narrated that there is a need for the FOM officials for her office to get Community report, know what’s happening to those places that they have not gone’ know how the people feel and how they can attack it in making sure they reach out to them.

According to her, gone are those days where people will have a leader they can’t feel stating that even the worse Community in the District must see them because they are also important to Salala District.

Hon. Mensah disclosed that there are people and organizations in the District that her leadership needs to appreciate, as such; she looks up to the Friend of Moima that she said should make those organizations and people as it starting point of work.

She named some of the organizations and individuals as, the Determine Youth, the United Girls of new Totota in Support of Moima Briggs, the First Time Voters, Teachers in Support of Moima Briggs Mensah, the Mulbah Hill Women, the Pastoral Team, the Christian and Muslim Communities, the Midwives and the leadership of the various clans among others.

The Representative revealed that they cannot forget inclusion and as such these organizations and individuals should be included to the fullest on grounds they are part and parcel of their celebration.

Meanwhile, Rep. Mensah said her office is achieving in moving the District forward in the area of development and advocacy among others. The Bong County Lawmaker named the completion of several projects with just two more to be completed.

She indicated that during the just ended County Council Sitting in Bong, her advocacy led to the renewing and changing of lots of things which include the distributing of funding from China Union which the District has only been benefiting from the 2% that has always been allocated to Sanoyea, Fuamah and Salala Districts.

She noted that this year China Union is expected to pay the amount of US$1.8million as social development fund to the County and out of the said amount Sanoyea, Fuamah and Salala Districts are expected to receive 20% which is a little over US$300,000 and her District will receive US$119,000.00 out of the 20%, but she advocated that the remaining money be distributed amongst the rest of the District something she said her District share will be about US$150,000.

She, however, called on the officials of the Friends of Mensah to work hard as all is not bread and butter promising to work in the little she has and with the support of her husband in order to make it happen adding that she does not want to be a corrupt leader.


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