Senate Passes ‘Baile Island’ Bill, Others As Extra-Ordinary Session Closes

The Liberian Senate has concurred with the House of Representative on the passage of a bill seeking to name ‘Baile Island’ and a Conference center in honor of India Fallen States Man Mahattma Ghandi as a means to foster a bilateral relationship with the People of India.

The Island which is situated between the Stockton Creek and Somalia Drive, according to the bill is also a tourist attraction for thousands as the Conference center will also be used to host international and local conferences in Liberia.

On November 30th at 7:30 pm, the House of Representative unanimously voted for the passage of the bill and all privileges thereof accorded and asked the Senate’s timely concurrence.

In the Senate’s session today, Rivergee County Senator Commany Wesseh called for an order when his colleagues opted to proceed after the reading of the communication from the lower on the bill’s passage without further discussion.

Sen. Wesseh argued that the quick passage of the bill without historical scrutiny to ascertain historicity on the matter will not utter well for its passage.

Protemp Albert Chea took a ‘Yey-Ney’ vote on the matter as it was considered among several other communications and bills for passage at the Senate.

Earlier this year, the Liberia Leader George Weah visited the Baile Island and indicated that the site is essential to touristic features thus as a means to boost the country’s tourism sector and create a city on the Island.
Pres. Weah recently forwarded a bill to the Legislature for enactment to name the Baile Island and conference center in honor of the Mahattma Ghandi.

Related, both houses of the Legislature have closed after a month of an extraordinary session from Oct 29-November 30, 2018, discussion national issues and enactment policies for progress and development especially the alleged missing billions and among other things.

While the legislature closed for its annual break, Pres. Weah calls on both houses to convene an extraordinary session to take key decisions affecting the forward match of the country.

The House of Representatives received 14 bills and enacted three into law, key among them were the act to remove all tenure positions except the National Elections Commission, Central Bank of Liberia, and the General Auditing Commission;, a Concession Agreement with the Futa Corporation to produce Cement plant as a means of competitive business space and reduction in cement price; and the act to name Baile Island.

Accordingly, the Senate passed on several bills to name districts, townships in Demen, Sass Town in Bomi County as well as its concurrence with the lower house of the three bills.

On the missing Billions issue, Protemp Albert Chea told reporters today that the Senate has limited time to probe the missing money as there were volumes of documents to peruse especially from the Ministry of Finance information provided over the period.

Protemp Chea mentioned that the investigation is an ongoing process but as it stands, both Houses have agreed to await the President Investigative Team report to conclude on the missing money saga.

The Presidential Investigative Team was set up by the government of Liberia to probe the alleged missing billions and ensure that all information surrounding the money is revealed and actions are taken.

Central Bank of Liberia and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning have emphatically stated that there is no money missing and all monies printed entered the country and it is presently being infused into the market.

Additionally, the government of Liberia announced that a team of investigators FBI from the US were currently in the country to aid the investigation process.

Some citizens are of the belief that money is missing and there is a need to dig further into the missing billion saga in order to find the doers. Since the news of the missing money, the country has experienced huge exchange rates and hike in prices of major commodities including gasoline, rice and other items.

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