War on Hunger – First 80,000 Bags of Affordable Rice Hit The Market


President George M. Weah’s quest to tackle the problems of food insecurity through the provision of quality and affordable rice especially for poverty-stricken masses has garnered steam. TRH Trading, a Liberian Company partnering with the Ministry of Commerce has brought an initial consignment of 80,000 bags of Pro-Poor rice to be sold wholesale to Liberian businesses through the Ministry of Commerce and retail through local businesses.

The consignment which is expected to be sold at prices ranging from US$9.50 and 10 for 5% and 100% broken respectively will not only reduce the price of the nation’s staple and loved food, but address the consistent shortages in the rural areas.

President Weah told the official launch at the Bong Mines peer on the Bushrod Island that the government’s partnership is solely intended to making rice available and affordable for the Liberian people especially the poor.

“While we anticipate our agricultural programs we must meet the demand of the people. Rice is our staple food and our people need it. The Christmas is right around the corner and to have affordable and good quality rice is good for our people”, he said.

He mentioned “we are now happy. When I took over, our people were on the streets because the rice was expensive and I called all rice importers to find a way around the issue and to let them know they need to do their best to reduce the price or the government will compete”.

“This is because its the duty of the government to satisfy its citizens. So the government will have to find partners who will help to make rice cheaper while we anticipate our agricultural plans to grow rice in our country. We are excited and we want to say thanks to our partner. I have tasted the rice and it is tasty and so all those wanting to buy good rice now have the choice now because this is launched”, he espoused.

In his remarks, National Port Authority Managing Director Bill Tweahway thanked the Liberian leader for being true to his promise of providing affordable rice for the ordinary people.

He said “we want to say a big thank you to the President for being true to his promise of providing affordable rice for the people of Liberia. This is a realization of a promise he made to the people of Liberia during the campaign. We now have rice, not for 10.00 and 11.00 and not 17.00 dollars. Those in the southeast who was buying for 22 dollars will now buy at 10 dollars and that is a dream comes true”.

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