Senate ‘Salutes’ Varney Sherman As He Bags International Award

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The Liberian Senate has recognized veteran lawyer Varney Gboto Sherman for winning one of the most prestigious awards on the African continent.

Cllr. Sherman was presented the Heroes For Children Special Recognition Award by the African Children Emergency Foundation (ACEF) based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Though he did not travel to receive the award due to pressing national engagement requested by Senate Protempore Albert T. Chie, the Grand Cape Mount County Senator was nominated as this year Grand Patron of the ACEF.

An ACEF letter addressed to Senator Sherman, which was read in the Senate Plenary on Monday, December 3, 2018 reveals that his nomination for the prestigious award comes from the backdrop of his enviable antecedents, professional competencies, philanthropic legacies and unwavering contribution to the cause of humanity.

The international children advocacy group furthered described the Senate Chairman on Judiciary, Claims and Petition as a professional, a lover of education, a philanthropist, a political juggernaut and an efficient, humble and charitable leader.

The group encouraged Liberia’s states-man to see the honor as a motivational tool that will trigger him to dialogue on key issues affecting children in Liberia and in Africa as a whole.

“As a National Orator and World Class Inspirational Speaker, you will strengthen the voice of citizens, and draw national and international solidarity on prevailing issues bedeviling the African Child…” ACEF stated through its nomination letter dated November 26, 2018.

Receiving the award in the Senate plenary, Senator Sherman in his usual commanding tone, thanked his colleagues for giving him the opportunity to serve in the capacity as Chairman of the body’s Judiciary Committee, which he claimed, played a huge role in his selection for the award.

He believes the award will serve as a tool of inspiration for him as he continues to support and contribute to the growth and development of humanity.

“I was supposed to go Nigeria to receive this award but the pro-temp asked me to stay due to pressing national engagement we had at hand,” Senator Sherman remarked while making gesticulation to his colleagues (Senators).

“I appreciate all of you Senators for your support and I can assure you all that I will always be at your service,” he averred.

Meanwhile, Senate Protempore Albert T. Chie in an official statement thanked Senator Sherman for acquiring the accolade, stating that, he made the Senate and the country proud.

About ACEF
The African Children Emergency Foundation or ACEF, is a non-for – profit organization. It was founded by a group of school leaders and officially registered in 2008 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria.

The foundation was founded with a clear mandate to blaze the trail in core arrears: advocacy, relief and reintegration of children.

The foundation aims at helping children in extreme need as well as assisting disadvantaged children at risk of losing out their childhood and humanity.

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  1. I do appreciate the honor been bestowed on him. But l don’t see his roles in children advocacy.
    And sometimes when these awards are given our so-called leaders, do the institution or groups followed the track records of these honorees in their contributions to the country.
    It baffles me when this man has been captured under the radar of corruption in a government that he helped to lead for 12yrs.
    These are the same out side forces compiling the current administration to prosecute corrupt officials of government. Its just flabbergasted!

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