Environmental Expert Wants GOL To Increase Taxes On Importation Of Plastics

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An environmental and health expert is calling on the national government to increase taxes on the manufacturing and importation of plastic and plastic products.

Abraham L. B. Freeman said the proliferation of plastics in Liberia if not control it will have a negative impact on the country environment.
He believes that if taxes are increased on the importation of plastics in the country it will help to curtail the proliferation of plastic bags in the various streets corner.

Mr. Freeman also wants the government of President George M. Weah to develop and enforce rules that prevent sellers from providing plastic to their customers.

Speaking on the effect of plastics on the environment, Freeman said when plastic is dumped on the land, it interacts with water and forms dangerous chemicals, adding that when these chemicals seep underground, they degrade the water quality.

The environmentalist said plastic is a man-made material produced by putting together special units of certain chemical materials, which creates a texture that cannot get rotten for hundreds of years.

According to Freemen plastic was invented in 1907, by Leo Hendrik Baekeland in America, adding that for the first time human manufacturing was not dependent on nature, adding that this development helped the people and they thought that it was a benefit for the environment because plastic could protect the natural world from the destructive forces of human needs.

“Less than 100 years later, the impact of plastic is being felt in our environment because so many plastic products are thrown away and it is realized that plastic almost lasts forever in the environment and therefore the waste mountains get bigger,” Freeman stressed.

He revealed that the effect of plastic pollution on the environment is that causes destruction for the natural environment, leading to long-term issues for plants, animal and people.

Mr. Freeman further recommends that all plastic should be burn and citizens of the country should refuse to take plastic from anyone who wants to give it to them.

He calls on citizens to always carry a bag in the market to place their items in it or use other bags that are not made of plastic at all times.

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  1. This recommendation is lesser of a solution. What alternative will you cite for the consumers should this be acted upon?

    An environmental expert should be thiughtful to contained the huge plastics by reverting to usable technological ventures like producing tile, electricity, bags, books furniture then increasing taxes on the item which may eventually increase its local price thus wounding the already existing high prices on the market.

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