FLY Gets New Leadership-As Decentralization Tops President Williams’ Agenda

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he Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) now has a new leadership that will stir the affairs of the organization for the next two years.

The FLY officials were elected by delegates from the fifteen Counties of Liberia at the Organization’s 9th general assembly held at the BWI American Corner Library in Kakata over the weekend.

The chairman of the Independent Elections Commission of FLY, Darlington M. Cheeks, Sr. declared Amos Williams as President, Jacob J. Flomo1st vice president, Banica Stephenie Elloit 2nd vice president, James Koryor secretary general, Flomo Mau Moiwo deputy secretary general for administration; others are Hilary Quetoe 3rd vice president, Ervin Daniels deputy secretary general and Enerst Duku Jallah deputy secretary general for programs respectively.

Unlike for the positions of president, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, secretary general and deputy secretary general, the rest of the positions were contested for. This means that the president, the 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, secretary general and deputy secretary general were elected on white ballots.

Meanwhile, the president of the Federation of Liberian Youth, Amos Williams says his leadership quest is to decentralize the organization by taking it from the Monrovia center stage to the Counties.

According to him, the decentralization process will first start with the opening of the offices of the various coordinators in the fifteen Counties to set up a structure that the young people will see and be able to practice what it is in terms of managing an office, adding that these offices will be developing their own programs and setting up their own priorities.

He stated that his leadership hopes of bringing together all of the Coordinators from those Counties in order to have a retreat to be able to develop a plan aimed at seeing where donor supports can be pulled to help support the County structures to get the young people at work.

“Beyond that is to first bring them to a center point, part of what we are going to talking to our brothers and sisters in the nearby Countries to see whether we can learn and share experiences on what the youth issues are and how we can find a solution to them” he explained.

He said if the central leadership is working with the local County structure, the local County Authority may give their own support that FLY can utilize and carry programs can impact the lives of the young people in the County and also top into the social development by creating ideas that the County authority can bow into.

The newly elected FLY president said part of his commitment is to take the pro-poor agenda to the young people to see how they can own it and contribute to it as well. He noted that there is one thing under President Weah’s pro-poor agenda that tale into the youth manifesto which has to do with Agriculture and his leadership intends to align with the national youth manifesto that talks about having a national youth farm.

Mr. Williams also disclosed that FLY intends to dialogue with the government more by sitting on the table with the government and understand what the issues are and how they can together see how they can solve those problems noting that his intention is not to put the young people in the street when they want solution to their problems but rather call the attention of the President and key stakeholders.

He used the occasion to thank his colleagues especially the past leadership for rallying their support to him something he said is giving him the space to continue his passion for youth development. He also thanked the Youth and Sports Minister, D. Zoegar Wilson for being very supportive to the workings of FLY since he took over the Ministry.

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