Senator Cooper Dedicates Refurbish Nancy B. Doe Sports Stadium-Encourages Margibians To Support County Team


The Senior Senator of Margibi County, Oscar A. Cooper has officially dedicated the refurbished Nancy B. Doe Sports Stadium.

Dedicating the facility on Sunday December 16, 2018, Senator Cooper said a month ago authorities of the Margibi Sports Association (MSA) and the Margibi Branch of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) called upon his office to construct the inner fence in order for the County to meet the requirement set up by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to host the preliminary rounds of the National County Meet which kicked off over the weekend.

The Senator said the fence will secure the players and referees and also bring law and order on the playing pitch stating, ‘I am very happy that my wife Bendu and myself were able to contribute to our County and make our County proud’.

Hon. Cooper stated that he used his personal money to implement the project putting the cost of it at a little over twenty-two thousand United States dollars (US$22,000) He also added that he was able to write the management of Firestone who contributed the chain link thus extending thanks to the Management for the contribution.

He said hosting of the County Meet will bring honor to the County, create an opportunity for business owners and it brings about unity and solidarity to the County.

Senator Cooper at the same time intoned that he is contemplating on erecting basketball court on the stadium to be used by the young people. He also promised to build sitting capacities which will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars as such he wants to reach an understanding with the Liberia Football Association.

The Margibi Lawmakers used the opportunity to call on all stakeholders, opinion leaders and Margibians as a whole to join hands and support the football and kickball teams.

“I want to take this public occasion to encourage Margibians to not just wait on Senators, Representatives, Superintendent and President, but we all should put if the five red dollars, contribute towards our team success,” he said.

According to him, Margibians should begin collecting money to support the team on grounds that if the team becomes victorious it will carry proud to the County rather than sitting back waiting for a few groups of people.
He stated that if Margibians collectively work together and generate fund, he believes that the County can support her team instead of depending on the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

For their parts, the City Mayor of Kakata City, Emmanuel M. Goll and the Assistant Superintendent for Development, David Saukollie thanked Senator Cooper for the initiative terming and said it worth thousands of commendation.

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