“Use Dialogue As A Tool To Promote Peace” Youth And Sports Minister Urges Liberian Youths

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Liberia’s Youth and Sports Minister, D. Zeogar Wilson is urging the young people of Liberia to use dialogue as a tool to promote peace, dispute resolution and social cohesion.

The Minister stated that he continues to preach that the youths of Liberia must always use dialogue to resolve problems. He indicating that every organization has issues and if there is an issue within an organization, demonstration and protest should be the last result.

“In this leadership, let them know what your grievances are and you are requesting for a solution” he added. He also cautioned the young people to not allow themselves to be used as political props among others, on grounds that many of the political leaders will go to them to take them to the street to fight their cause in disguise

According to him, the kids of these politicians are not in the streets like the young people as they may have their kids at home and abroad wanting the young people to get in the streets to fight for them.

He narrated that it is about time that the young people change because the safety of Liberia rests in their hands, thereby encouraging them to live by example and ask those who ask them to fight hard questions.

Hon. Wilson furthered that the conflicts that were in LINSU and the Mano River Youth Parliament were resolved through dialogue adding that with that there was no noise.

The Minister, on the other hand, advised the leadership of various organizations in the Country to be able to address those issued that are always raised by their members instead of paying lip service to those issues.

He averred that the leadership of these organizations have a responsibility to respond to their members and address their grievances. According to him, failure on the part of the leadership of any organization to address issues that are raised by its members leads to a demonstration.

Meanwhile, the Minister said he was impressed to see the way the 6th general assembly of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) was ongoing because he was told that in the past whenever it comes to the general assembly of LINSU, FLY and the Mano River Youth Parliament, it’s chaotic.
Minister Wilson made the assertion at program marking the 9th general assembly of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) held at the Kakata City Hall over the weekend.

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  1. Mr.Minister
    You have said the right thing however this should be directed to your CDC partisans like KOIJEE, ACAROUS Gray,and Mulbah Molrlu

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