BWI To Identify With 500 Kids Ahead Of Christmas Season

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As part of its community outreach, the Administration of the Booker T. Washington Institute has disclosed plans to identify with about five hundred kids between the ages of 5 to 14 in twenty-five (25) Communities in Kakata.

The Principal and CEO of BWI told newsmen recently that the Institution will on Sunday, December 23, 2018, distribute Christmas gifts amongst the kids some of which includes wearing.

Atty. Harris Fomba Tarnue explained that a committee was appointed by the cabinet of the BWI to plan intervention in the Communities, terming it as a flavor added to this year’s Christmas celebration.

He stated that the committee did a study and decided to reach out to the children because they enjoy the Christmas most thereby drawing up a plan of giving gifts to five hundred children in Kakata City.

“So they’ve done all the mobilization, they’ve gone to about twenty-five Communities across Kakata; did a raffle draw to show how independent this is they went to community leaders mobilized all the children and they did a raffle draw,” he said.

Atty. Tarnue explained that those who won the raffle draw are the ones who are going to get the gift as those gifts have already been packaged and labeled pending distribution next Sunday.

The Principal said the distribution of the Christmas gift is a way of showing what BWI is here to identify with everyone.
He noted that they have already started fishing among the five, ten and twelve years old children to go to BWI, as they will give them a gift so that when they are done with junior high education they can enroll to the Institution.

Meanwhile, the Principal said the Institution has for the first time also given Christmas packages to students of the Institute. He said since July 26th and December of 2016 the Institute has been giving packages to her staffers and similar things will be done but the students have to be included.

He intoned that the Institution in giving Christmas packages to the Student decided to slaughter a cow and all of the students benefited as they took pieces to their respective homes.

The Principal then said the message is now clear and more parents will see BWI as an attractive place, a good place to train their children and they will send their children to the Institution stating their preparedness to train them to be good citizens of Liberia.

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