Citizens Termed Celebration As ‘Sour Christmas’


Monrovia: Many Parents in Liberia seem to be pressured from the fever of Christmas with some describing it as the roughest season ever in Liberia and first under Weah-Taylor administration embroiled with a shamble economy versus a reported flat footed leadership.

The Monrovia Times over the Weekend toured several commercial hubs in the city sampling the views of Liberians as per their readings about this year (2018) Christmas season, some of the Citizens expressed serious frustration over the country’s latest business climate.

They explained that there are many hurdles on the market pointing specific fingers at the many sellers and less buyer this festive season unlike other Christmas, customers at this time of the year will troop their way around sellers to buy in luxuries for the festivities. They further tag their frustration in the CDC led administration.

“We thought that this regime would have better our lives, we were in the rain and sun, we also voted for this regime because we felt that a Weah Presidency could have brought a real change to our lives.” Siah Sirleaf, ‘auction’ girl down waterside noted.

John Togba, a father of five (5) explained that the current hardship marred during this Christmas under the Pro-Poor regime is leaving many breadwinners including himself to lose the needed respect at home from their wives and children. According to John, men who could afford to put bread on the table of their families are now finding it difficult.

“I don’t really know why things are so difficult now a day in Liberia, sometimes I wonder why we have to go to the poll to elect leaders who seems to be very wicked to their own citizens. Is this really a Pro-Poor government when a majority few are enjoying the national cake and the rest of the people are suffering.” He questioned.

“Another factor responsible is that for more than a month, people unable to get hold of cash from their bank accounts and other transfers across the country –and the place is over-crowded with no money”.

Someone wanting to withdraw, for example, 25,000 Liberia dollars ($160) is given just 5,000 Liberian dollars ($36) – and that is after waiting long hours in a queue.

The cash shortage appears linked to the mystery over the alleged disappearance of the 16billion newly printed banknotes which the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) and the Economic Management Team have denied its disappearance and confirmed that the money was infused in the economy.
Most Christmas, children are seen playing on the beaches and hanging out at entertainment arcades with families and loved ones; but with the assertions of ‘no money’ to celebrate, most people would likely to be staying indoors.

As if pre-empting these statements from ordinary Liberian citizens on the celebration of the festive citizen, President George Weah, recently stated at an event advised people to remain at home to play “gospel songs and Christmas carols” as a means of keeping the family together and observing the season..

The president statement sends a shock to many who may even be hungry during the season and disappointment to many Liberians who love the traditions of Christmas.

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