To Aid The Fight Agsinst Illicit Drugs In Liberia, Bong County Deputy Commander Wants LDEA to Possess Firearms


The Deputy Commander of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency in Bong County, Johannes Brooks has stressed the need for a LDEA personal to be armed in the country.

The Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) is an agency within the Liberian government charged with the responsibility of fighting drug-related crimes.

Before its creation, fighting drug crimes was a responsibility of the Ministry of Defense.

The agency began as the National Drug Committee of the Interim Government of National Unity; it was created in 1993 during the presidency of Dr. Amos Sawyer. Five years later, the committee was converted into its present form: President Taylor signed a bill passed by the National Legislature that created the LDEA and patterned it after the Drug Enforcement Administration in the United States. 

Speaking in an interview with this Paper recently in Gbarnga, Commander Brooks said their lives as LDEA personal has been threatening by drug dealers ongrounds that are fighting the progress of their drug businesses.

The Bong County LDEA Deputy Commander revealed that they have been arresting some suspects with arms and ammunition. 

Commander Brooks believes that went they are capacitated with firearms; they will be in full readiness to fight drugs in the country. 

Touching on the drug law of Liberia, the Bong County LDEA Deputy commander further said him wants thedrug Law of the country to be amended, because it will help to curtail the high increase of drug trafficking in the country.

According to him, the current drugs law is weak; something he stressed is also responsible for the proliferation of drugs in the communities. 

He wants the national government to do something swiftly, before Liberia becomes a safe haven for drugs dealers.

The LDEA Deputy Commander further said, because the drug law is billable community dwells are often accusing  them (LDEA Officers) of allowing those drug user they are arresting to return to the same community they have been arrested in.

He said despite the LDEA is charged with theresponsibility to fighting drug trafficking at the country’s borders, arresting traffickers and dealers, and destroying illegal drugs in the country, they need to be empower with firearm in discharging their duty.



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