Over Land Conflict Issues Margibi County Land Commissioner Warns against Illegal Surveyors

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Margibi County: The involvement of illegal surveyors across the country within land conflicts has been a growing concern.

Recently Margibi County Land Commissioner Joe Dorah alleged that most land crisis in the county is caused by illegal surveying of landswhich he issued a stringier warning against constant violators. I do not want to see any illegal surveyors within the County.

The growing tension of land ownership across the country has over time past created huge stalemate in which many Liberians called on the Legislature to ensure the passage of the land Right Act. The Legislature before its Constitutional break in 2018 passed the Land Rights thus giving legitimate rights to community land owners, frowning on illegal surveying among others. 

Mr. Dorah alarmed over the risks involved in land crisis emanating from illegal surveying terming it as one of the major problems that must be addressed.

He named poverty and money greed on the part of the surveyors to rob land owners stating that many of them cannot afford to register as license surveyors because they don’t have money.

He revealed that the registered surveyors  are also charging land owners based on their profession which they (Land Owners) can’t afford thus leaving them with no alternative but to hire people from the side to survey their lands.

The Margibi County Land Commissioner on the other hand attributed some of the land conflicts on the illegal sale of land carry on by some individuals. He noted that since the inception of his leadership, there have been series of land cases that have reached his office but said they are gradually getting there.

Mr. Dorah disclosed that his office has been able to resolve a land conflict that started in the County since 2003 among others with more still coming.

He call for the collective efforts of all Margibians and other entities in the fight against the illegal sale of Land in the County indicating that if Margibians and other entities get involved into the fight, the issue of illegal sale of land will be minimized in the County, let’s take our time, do due diligent, if you want to sell land follow the procedure” he concluded.




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