“Disappointment, Power Struggle And Misrepresentation Marred Legislature’s First Sitting” Says Rep. Solomon George


Monrovia: Montserrado County District # 7 Representative Solomon George has termed the first sitting of the 54th Legislature especially the House of Representatives as disappointing, misrepresentation, the struggle for power among others.

Rep. Solomon George is currently serving a second term mandate as representative from the people of district 7 in Montserrado County.
107 lawmakers are elected to the House of Representatives and Senate to serve particularly on terms as per the electoral laws and constitution of the country.

In November 2018, the 54th National Legislature ended its first sitting with several issues emanating from the public for growth and development were high on the agenda. Key among them was the passage of the Land Rights Act, the decentralization act and among others.

The first constituency break points to delivering progress report over the last one year of their role at the parliament making laws, oversight and direct representation as per their mandate.

Rep. George indicated that the lack of basic understanding of Legislative proceedings by most of his colleagues greatly obstructed and undermined the workings and functions of the Legislature in 2018.

Though he did not name specific individuals, he pointed out that many lawmakers entered the Legislature with the mindset of making money at the expense of ordinary Liberians.

“Most of them felt that place is a money making place where you’ll get rich overnight and the poor people will suffer, I think by now they must have realized what is actually happening here at the Legislature”.
Rep. George reminded his colleagues of their mandate to serve humanity through representation at the Legislature and not for personal enrichment. “Let our colleagues be reminded that we are called to serve because it is even in the bible that when you’re chosen to serve do it with your all and not for self-glory”.

He challenged his colleagues to tirelessly work in the interest of the Liberian people in the coming years as a way to develop and improve the livelihood of all constituents across Liberia.

“Those who are in the constant habit of undermining the functions of the legislature, and making the body to look ugly should desist from such habit and focus on the well-being of their people and the growth of the country as we are coming back”.

He called for stronger collaboration and coordination of members of the House of Representatives with the current leadership to advance the workings of that august body forward, “Speaker Bhofal Chambers and Deputy Prince Moye mean well for the House, if everyone will work and support them we will make great impact in this 54th Legislature”. Rep. George noted.

He spoke when the Strategic Journalist Network honored him as the best Lawmaker of the Year with good representation at the House of Representatives. Strategic Journalist Network is a pro Media democracy group working to promote peace, justice through media honor in Liberia.

According to the Group’s Secretary General Jerome Karweyea, Rep. George has over the last one year consistently remain engaged with his constituents and contributed meaningfully to the growth and development of the district which he considered the most craving aspect of representation.

“We have been following the workings of Hon George and we were convicted to bestow the honor, let me say this not everyone in the House would stand up to speak loudly but their work and engagement with the people they represent are cardinal”. Jerome stated.

Jerome called on Rep. George to remain engaged with his constituents to foster development through adequate lawmaking, oversight and representation.

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