Rep. Kolubah Blasts Pres. Weah Over Chugbor Road Dedication


By: Mohammed Donzo-Contributor

Montserrado: Montserrado County District 10 Lawmaker has blasted Pres. George Weah over what he termed as ‘gross disrespect’ to the people of District 10 over the dedication of the Chugbor road without prior consultation.

The Chugbor road which has existed since 1982 without pavement was a part of several roads dedicated by Pres. Weah recently as part of efforts of the Pro-Poor Agenda for road connectivity across the country.

Rep. Yekeh Kolubah argues that Pres. Weah boast of the road indicates a lie noting that the road project was signed during Sirleaf Administration and awaiting construction. “The president cannot come to our district and act as though the road money came from his personal pocket—its taxpayers’ money and no one should take glory for that”.

“Pres. Weah does not respect anyone, the simplest case is this road issue, he (Weah) said should have consulted the leadership of the District before carrying on the dedication”.

He accused Pres. Weah of pocketing funds allocated for development at the time of tenure of senator of Montserrado, “. He served as a senator for almost three years, before his ascendancy to the president all funds that given for the development of Montserrado got pocketed and used for personal purposes”.

Rep. Kolubah spoke recently when he delivered his first legislative report to his constituents in the district.

The report was characterized by initiatives carried out in the district and at the Capitol Building. Three of the over 32 communities in district 10 were represented and copies of the report were distributed in order for constituents to review and make an input.

He boasted of a stronger relationship with his constituents and his office owing to the observance of several regulations which he stated is helping the district grow rapidly.
He disclosed as part of plans to improve the district, one of the thirty-two communities in the District will benefit from a one thousand united states dollar project every month.

“We are working to ensure our district become an exemplary when it comes to enforcement of No Sunday selling and other districts in Montserrado will follow the regulation and together we will make an impact”, Rep. Kolubah ended.

1 thought on “Rep. Kolubah Blasts Pres. Weah Over Chugbor Road Dedication

  1. Amazing how a lawmaker can openly and unconstructively disrespect authority. What is the point of this reaction?
    Does this improve the roadstructure?
    As to whose pocket the money came from who cares . Lawmakers should be looking more to the greater good and move beyond pettiness and personal vendettas.
    Liberia needs progress .
    Regardless of who are leader is Let’s rally around him our her , present a united front and work towards the greater good
    God bless Liberia

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