Student Electoral Processes Put On Pause At UL


MONROVIA: “Insubordination shall not be tolerated., hostile and disrespectful behavior toward university authorities, government officials, visitors or university personnel and the use of provocative, abusive or other obscene languages on campus whether against government officials, university employees, other students or otherwise is prohibited,” a statement issued on Friday, January 11, 2019 suspending all political activities at the various campuses of the University of Liberia.

The decision to suspend the university student electoral activities steamed from recent protest carryout by some students at the University Capitol Hill Campus.

The aggrieved students, most of whom are members of the Student Unification Party (SUP) according to report, are against the university holding elections due to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) reached in 2013 between the student government and the university administration.

According to the MOU, both the student body and the university authority will recognize only one legitimate body which is the University of Liberia Student Union (ULSU) to champion all student activities on the campuses of the university. Ultimately, only SUP will be allowed to produce the head of ULSU.

But it appears this MOU has not gone down well with other student groupings at the University of Liberia this time around.

Since the recent nomination of Martin K. N. Kollie as Chairman of SUP which automatically will make him head of ULSU, there have been calls by other opposition political parties at the University of Liberia to have elections.

These calls, according to political pundits, have been heavily supported by some elements in government who believed Martin K.N. Kollie is a huge critic of the government and should not be allowed to occupy such position.
Accordingly, no political group shall assemble or hold meetings or engage in any political-related activities on any University of Liberia campus during this period of suspension.

The suspension affects political/solidarity marches, political gatherings, the wearing of symbols and emblems depicting and promoting campus-based political groups, student protests, among others.

According to the UL statement, any student who is involved in any activity that disrupts normal university activity shall be expelled.
Meanwhile, UL students have been reminded that the UL Student Handbook strictly prohibits the use of violence as a means of solving problems.

According to rules 9, 10 and 11 of the UL Student Handbook, which states, “No student shall for any cause whatever insult, assault or batter teachers, staff, fellow students and other university personnel or visitors to the University campus.

The penalty for violation shall range from a warning, suspension to expulsion as the gravity of the case might warrant.”

The university remains open and students are encouraged to attend classes especially during this period of mid-term exams.

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