‘Undemocratic and Dictatorial’ SUP Reacts To UL’s Administration Suspension Of Student Politics


Monrovia: “We will not bow down to the de-man god of Liberia neither succumb to the dark days of the Weah-led government to infiltrate our School’s administration to call for abrupt suspension of Student Politics we will challenge this action”, Student Unification Party (SUP) Stander Bearer, Martin Kollie told scores of SUPIST at an assembly on the University of Liberia’s Capitol Hill Campus.

Martin comments come barely few hours after the University of Liberia administration issued a press release suspending all student political activities on campus while pointing towards the observance of the students’ handbook.

UL administration’s decision was triggered by a series of political stalemate on the capitol campus where some students were seen throwing stones at each other including government vehicles.

The chaotic scene lasted for over several hours creating huge traffic and the disruption of classes until the intervention of authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

Martin stated that the University’s decision to suspend student political activities is dictatorial and undemocratic noting that SUP will challenge the administration’s mandate.

He alleged that Finance Minister Samuel Tweah’s is connected to the abrupt suspension of the student political activities on campus due to the involvement of stronger groupings which he believed is in the interest of the masses and not a handful.

“Samuel Tweah thinks he rules this university by calling his brother Norris Tweah to suspend our activities, they are all jokers because SUP remains supreme to their decision”, he said.

“The government of Liberia no longer enjoys the popular mandate of the Liberian people and not only SUPS, because it has gone against its own mandate so we are going to challenge the government moving forward”.

Martin stated that the recent riot on campus was triggered by government’s thugs who were resisted by students, “even if the government can release thousands of AFL personnel and heavily armed Police officers we will remain on campus and demand change across this country because the people deserve better”.

“They have come to steal, corruption now is the guiding principle of the Weah-led government and absolutely nothing has changed for our people and let it be known we will not be afraid of this government, we will not back down we will not bow down”, he said.

Martin maintained that SUP will continue to carry out its political activities contrary to the University’s suspension.

It is believed that the Friday protest was triggered by the administration refusal to abide by a 2013 memorandum of Understanding (MOU) over the recognition of a legitimate body to champion the cause of students at the University ULSU and the sole producer of its head should be the Students Unification Party (SUP).

The aggrieved students, most of whom are members of the Student Unification Party (SUP) were against the university holding elections due owing to 2013 MOU between the student government and the university administration.

But it appears this MOU points to a different direction for other student groupings at the University of Liberia this time around.

Since the recent nomination of Martin K. N. Kollie as Chairman of SUP which automatically will make him head of ULSU, there have been calls by other opposition political parties at the University of Liberia to have elections.

These calls, according to political pundits, have been heavily supported by some elements in government who believed Martin K.N. Kollie is a huge critic of the government and should not be allowed to occupy such position.

In the face of the suspension, the University through a release signed by the Vice President for UL relations Norris Tweah admonished students to adhere to provisions in the student handbook onwards.

According to rules 9, 10 and 11 of the UL Student Handbook, “No student shall for any cause whatever insult, assault or batter teachers, staff, fellow students and other university personnel or visitors to the University campus. The penalty for violation shall range from a warning, suspension to expulsion as the gravity of the case might warrant.”

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