Children Of Ex-Peacekeepers, Visually Impaired Benefit From Church Donations In Brewerville

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By Obediah Johnson

The Christ In You Worldwide Revivals headquartered in the United States of America has identified with orphans and students at the UNICO Orphanage and the Liberian School for the Blind in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.

The UNICO Orphanage Home was founded several years ago to cater to children abandoned or left behind by some soldiers that came for peacekeeping mission under the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and the United Nations (UN) during the war days in Liberia.

The Liberian School for the Blind provides learning opportunities for visually impaired Liberian minors.
CIYWR donated ten (10) bags of rice, two (2) rolls of tissue, two (2) cartoons of bathing and washing soap, two (2) beds of used clothes, toys, cartoons of juices, biscuits and sweets to the orphanage and the Liberian School for the Blind respectively.

The cost of the food and assorted items donated is approximately 1000USD.

Making the presentation on behalf of the religious institution recently, CIYWR-Liberia Finance Committee Chairman, Pastor Daniel Roberts disclosed that the donations were intended to put smiles on the faces of these less fortunate Liberians during the festive season.

He pointed out that the assorted and food items donated were made possible by the General Overseer of CIYWR in the United States, Bishop Bryan C. Bethelmy and his wife, Minister Chathena.

“While you were singing, tears almost fell from my eyes because I know what we pass through in this country during the war. But I thank God that you are part of a big family that has come to identify with you people. And that family is the Christ In You Worldwide Revivals. On behalf of CIYWR-USA headed by Bishop Bryan C. Bethelmy, we have come to do a donation through the leadership in Liberia. We have rice for you for the season, cartoons of biscuit, bathe soap, washing soap, tissue, a cartoon of toys for you to be playing, a bag of used clothing, and a cartoon of juice,” he amongst other things stated.

Also speaking via telephone from the USA, CIYWR General Overseer, Bishop Bethelmy urged authorities, orphans and students of the Liberian School for the Blind and the UNICO Orphanage to believe in Jesus if greater things must happen in the lives.

He said all things are possible with God and as such, heads of the two (2) institutions must remain prayerful if problems confronting the students and orphans should be addressed adequately.

He noted that the church would assiduously work to pray and be a |blessing” to less fortunate citizens in Liberia.
Bishop Bethelmy further urged them to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ without a season, adding that, those in the orphanages must look to God for direction.

Receiving the items, the head of the UNICO Orphanage Madam Siah Cole commended the group for the gesture.
She disclosed that the orphanage has been faced with numerous problems ranging from the lack of a better sleeping place for the orphans and food, among others.

Madam Cole noted that though ECOMOG and UN peacekeepers immensely contributed to the present level of peace and stability in Liberia, the provision of support to their offspring left behind remains a challenge.
She claimed that the orphanage has been allegedly neglected by central government, leaving the orphans to survive from financial and material contributions made by philanthropic organizations and individuals.

“ECOMOG and UN peacekeepers came to Liberia and have over 7000 children by our Liberian sisters. These children are now men and women, but most of them have children; those that we took care of during the time they were smaller. They don’t have any mother or father around and I am still standing as a grandparent for them. So today, we are very grateful to God for what our Christian brothers and sisters have brought for our children. We tell God thank you that we are not left alone. Let God give you long life that you may always think about us,” she amongst other things added.

For his part, the Dean of the Liberian School for the Blind, Mr. Kelvin Beahquoi, alarmed over the harsh economic condition in Liberia.
He noted that despite the huge economic challenges in Liberia, the donations made by CIYWR were in fulfillment of the scriptures.

“In Liberia, we all know that our nation is face with the harsh reality of the economy. Today, the fact that you thought about us, we want to extend our thanks and appreciation to all of those here or abroad that made this donation possible. When you cloth or feed one of our students, you fulfill the word of God. You should have taken your money and spend it elsewhere, but you thought about us. And for us, that is love-when you are able to think about someone who is not able to do anything. I am convinced that the Lord will reward you. Thank you for all these items and we will use them for the intended purpose. I can assure you that as the children use or eat these food or items, I can guarantee you that your blessings will be added double,” he amongst other things added.

Other officials who attended the CIYWR separate donations were Pastors Ben Zinnah, James Darlington, Emmanuel Lloyd, Emmanuel Beah, Alfred Teah, and Obediah Johnson.

CIYWR is a Bible-believing church that recognizes that it cannot, and does not desire to, bind the conscience of individuals, in areas where the scripture is silent.

Rather, each believer is to be led in those areas by God, to whom he/she alone is ultimately responsible.
CIYWR believes in the Father, who is God Almighty, the Holy Spirit and its baptism, and the coming of Jesus Christ.

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