“Do Not Be Mr. Know All” Margibi County Inspector Admonishes Newly Inducted Commissioner

Local News

Margibi County Inspector, M. Kpakanay Gbankpala has admonished the newly inducted Commissioner of Larkay-Ta Township not to be “Mr. Know All”.

Speaking at the induction ceremony of the commissioner over the weekend, Inspector Gbankpala called on Mr. George Cooper to always consult his people rather than being Mr. Know All.
According to him, the Commissioner should not leave anyone out of his development plans such as youth group, women group, elders, local authorities and the media.

He told Commissioner Cooper that the authority given him is not an inheritance but a privilege and right thereby warning him not to use it against anyone regardless of his/her status, tribe, religion, political affiliation, culture, color gender and etc but use it lawfully.

The County Inspector stated that Commissioner George has taken over the Township with a special mandate which is entrenched in his appointment letter including peace, reconciliation and development.
He said now it is the Commissioner’s time to take the stage noting that his performance will make people to applaud him or make them turn their back on his leadership.

“You are coming as a Commissioner for people who will believe in your ideology and those that may criticize you, you are commissioner for all of them; do not discriminate against anyone because you are going to serve as Commissioner for the citizenry of Larkay-Ta Township” he added.

He meanwhile urged the Commissioner to use the gable of authority given him lawfully or else it will turn against him.

For his part, Commissioner George Cooper has assured his citizens that his administration will focus on reconciliation and human resource capacity building through academic and vocational education. He said reconciliation is important and as such; his leadership must reconcile the people for peace and stability.

He further disclosed that there are lots of infrastructures (school buildings) that lack teachers who supposed to impact knowledge into the kids expressing the need to build their citizens capacities to be able to go back in the Township and serve.

The Commissioner indicated that in the absence of human resource capacity building, nothing can be achieved in development. The Township Commissioner also narrated that his leadership will work with the government and partners for the improvement of healthcare delivery system in the Township.

For the road, he maintained that he will work closely with the government for the rehabilitation of the road network for his people. He also said he will advocate for the renovation of the Commissioner’s dwelling place.
Mr. Cooper, however, said he needs the cooperation of the citizens in order to be able to achieve their development goals.

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