NAYMOTE’s Report Out On Lawmakers’ Campaign Promises


Monrovia: National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections (NAYMOTE) has released its latest report under its Legislative Accountability Project, focusing on the scale at which lawmakers are making good or reneging on campaign promises made during the 2017 elections.

The report which is titled Legislative Accountability—promises made, promises kept, captured 12 members of the Legislature.

The Legislative Accountability Project is an independent monitoring and tracking tool that enables civil society actors and voters to evaluate the implementation of campaign promises made by elected lawmakers.

The report focused on actions taken from January 2018-January 2019 on promises made by 12 Representatives out of 73 from the House of Representatives during the 2017 General and Legislative elections.

The report indicated of the 97 promises made, only 10 have so far been completed, with 66 ongoing, nine yet to start and no information on the status of 12 others.

Lawmakers tracked in this report include Bong County Representatives Prince K. Moye, Moima Briggs Mensah and Robert F. Womba. Others are Montserrado County Representatives Dixon W. Seboe, Richard N. Koon, Samuel R. Enders and Rustonlyn S. Dennis.

Lawmakers also covered in the Survey are Representatives Dorwohn T. Gleekia, Roger S.W. Y. Domah and Larry Youngquoi of Nimba County, Alexander Poure from Rivergee County and Zoe E. Pennue from Grand Gedeh County respectively.

NAYMOTE pointed to progress made over the one year period as a good start for the 12 Lawmakers.

Bong County District 6 Representative Moima Briggs is ranked as the highest performing Lawmaker who has completed 4 out of 12 promises, NAYMOTE report emphasized.

Legislative Accountability Project (LAP), like the President Meter Project, is being used in Liberia for the first time to identify, track, document and rate progress made in the implementation of campaign promises made by elected officials, according to NAYMOTE.

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