Speaker Chambers In ‘Hot Water’ -As His Removal Gets In Gear


“The man is Incompetent with poor Leadership Skills and he is not even able to control 73 persons then tell me what a Bhofal Chambers will do in the next few years, we must find a new speaker”, Sinoe County District 2 Representative Jay Nagbe Sloh stated.

Rep Sloh statement was triggered by a communication trashed by plenary with a unanimous vote over issues raised by some lawmakers over their wellbeing, Legislative matters among other things.

“Our request is based on the urgent need for the House to discuss number of very pertinent issues that affect the smooth operations of the House and severely impact the delivery of services to our people, Please note we will not be willing, ready, nor prepare to participate in any discussion that precedes the executive session requested”, few lines of the communication in the possession of this paper which was read today in session.

The Communication was proffered by Rep. Jay Nagbe Sloh of Sinoe County District 2, Rep. Thomas Goshua of Grand Bassa County District 5, Beyan Howard of Lofa District 5, and Rep. Adolph A. Lawrence of Montserrado County District 15. Others are Rep. Yekeh Kolubah of Montserrado County District 10 and Rep. Vincent Willie of Grand Bassa District 4 respectively.

Speaking to the Media after Tuesday’s Session, Rep Nagbe Sloh explained that since the passage of the budget, the House Leadership has refused to ensure that Lawmakers get their vehicles to ensure proper movement to their constituencies around the country.

He named the lack of Leadership ability on the part of Speaker Chamber to ensure the standardization of all benefits of Lawmakers, delay in the provision of Legislative Support Project funds to foster developments, Duty-free gasoline among others as some of the internal issues that need executive session discussion.

“We want to find out issues on our entitlements as Lawmakers especially with the duty-free gasoline that have not reached us and we received information that few people are sharing it among them and we have evidence to prove that”.

“After the passage of the budget, we noticed that Speaker Chambers and his Clichy assigned some unscrupulous figure to institutions and agencies which we need answers to. Take for instance the St. Francis Hospital in Pleebo got way over 300,000USD when the government hospital JJ Dossen got far less than that amount that is cruelty of the first order”, Rep. Sloh pointed out.

The Sinoe County District 2 Lawmaker maintained that if their concerns are not discussed and harmonized to meet the demands of the present-day reality of Legislative proceedings he will remain out of session,

“I will not sit under this man until these issues are addressed and no one will punish me, Bhofal will not harass people with punishment”, Rep. Sloh noted.

Speaker Chambers had earlier stated in session that any member of that body found disrupting session outside of the House’s rule; actions will be taken against the person in keeping with the rule. He warned that members of the House of Representatives should remain within the confines of the rule to enable Legislative best Practice.

Speaker Chambers ordered the Sergeant at Arms to escort one of the proponents of the communication Rep. Adolph Lawrence of Montserrado district 15 outside of session due to what he termed as violation of the House Rule for disrupting the session.

Rep Nagbe Sloh stated that there is a need for a new speaker who will conduct activities of the House of Representatives in an orderly manner by avoiding confrontations from the House members over travois issues.

“I want a new Speaker today, tomorrow and forever and not Bhofal Chambers because his leadership is hampering the smooth operation of the House of Representatives”.

Rep. Sloh who won the Sinoe County District 2 seat as a candidate of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) further underscored the need to differentiate between Legislative matters and party’s line and interest.

“This got nothing to do with CDC business, I support Pres. Weah and CDC but I will call the attention to the wrongdoings in the Legislature”.

Most of the six (6) Lawmakers who affixed their signature to the letter which was read in session, refused to support the communication on the floor, which Rep. Sloh expressed disappointment at his colleague’s action, terming it as sycophancy,

“I am disappointed in all my colleagues who were in session and never even said a word on the floor today in support of the communication but I can promise them anyone come to me with gossip again I will record them and carry to the Speaker”, he angrily averred.

The Communication which was not detailed about issues concerning the Lawmakers indicated that plenary discuss the matter in executive session so as to settle the dust created from the 1st session in 2018 to ensure smooth Legislative Operation.

Speaker Chambers accepted a motion from Montserrado District 8 Representative Acarous Gray in which he stated that the communication is open for discussion instead of an executive session.

None of the Signatures to the communication rejected nor stated a motion for reconsideration according to the House’s rule.

There were cross and counter-arguments over the Lawmakers ‘ claims as Rep. Francis Nyumalin craved plenary to adhere to the Lawmakers’ communication of discussing the issue in executive which also followed over 30 minutes disruption of the session over the matter.

After several disagreements in session, Rep. Sloh argued that issues relative to the communication are key and not for the public’s consumption, adding that the matter when discussed open, will expose ills of the Leadership of the House and other members.

Rep. Sloh along with other disenchanted Lawmakers walked out of session due to a motion filed to trash the communication which was preferred by Rep Acarous Gray in a failed attempt for authors of the communication to defend and discuss it in open session.

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