3 Employees Hooked In Postal Affairs Reform Strategy


In an effort to raise revenue for government, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication has nabbed three persons who were caught in by-passing the system to divert funds for personal gains.

The three employees are, Chris Pah, Mr. Jardia McGill, and Mr. Phillip Gaye. According to the investigations, the three employees tempered with the weight on packages to reduce the payment that was supposed to be made by the customers who brought in the packages.

According to the investigation the three employees involved, admitted to the allegation and brought forth the LD8000.00 which has the difference in the payment that would have been made in the adjusted weight.

Minister Kruah has also rejected their offer to pay the money back on grounds that this will set a bad precedent for those who want to engage into the corrupt act at the at the Ministry.

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunication under the leadership of Counselor Cooper Kruah has also established a cash management control system and introduce new measure for customers to receive and deliver packages through the post offices from Liberia to a more effective and efficient process.

Addressing senior staffers of the entity on Friday, January 18, 2019 Minister Kruah highlights several issues affecting departments heads at the Ministry.

“Under the new procedure, there is a counter responsible for weighing and if you are not assigned there you are not supposed to be on the counter” He noted. This meeting is part of a process that will expose us to what is happening in each of our department” Minister Kruah averred.

The Minister has meanwhile warned employees who are not assigned to a particular area to refrain from participating in jobs that are not related to their assignment at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication.

He further commended the inspectorate division for exposing some of the ills in the Ministry one of which was the recent illegal activities conducted by three employees of the Ministry.
He revealed that the inspectorates division made the discovery of the three employees through the routine work.

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