Enders To Contest 2020 Senatorial Elections In Montserrado

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MONROVIA: As fifteen seats of the Liberian Senate will be declared vacant in mid-next year, interested candidates are beginning to express interests with Montserrado County District # 6 Representative, Samuel Enders being of no exception.

Though he is already part of the Legislature particular the House of Representatives and has served almost one year in his position since his election in 2017, Mr. Enders believes that it is important that he take up another challenge, which will this time around, bring social and economic relieved to the vast population of Montserrado County.

Speaking to Legislative Reporters over the weekend at the grounds of the Capitol Building in Monrovia, the Montserrado County District # 6 Representative said he will be a formidable candidate in the pending election and is calling on all of his supporters and well-wishers who supported him during the 2017 elections to do the same.

According to him, as a lawmaker who is already making a tremendous effort in his constituency by carry out developmental projects which in turn have had triggered down effect on the district, he is ambitious to extend his excellent leadership skills at the level of the Liberian Senate.

He said being a Representatives limits a person only to a particular district whereas being a Senator creates the bigger platform to explore and provide developmental programs to the underprivileged in Montserrado County.

“I have the desire to contest but what I think is most important is that Montserrado is our first County – it is the county that host our government, Montserrado is the place that makes many decisions and as such we want people who have at least strive to do something. And I think that it has come to a time that we as Liberians must be able to raise our hands when the country is in search of leaders,” he averred.

When quizzed as to whether he will contest on the ruling Coalition For Democratic Change (CDC) ticket based on his close relationship with President George M. Weah who resides in his district, Mr. Enders intoned that he will run as an Independent Candidate as it was the case with him in the last election.

“I’m grateful to the Cedecians who voted for me; I’m grateful to the Unity Party partisans who voted for me; I’m grateful to people from ALP who voted for me and I want them to know that I’m a spider – I like to eat from all sides, because when you eat from all sides you get the best past part of the food. I’m an independent candidate but above all, I’m a Liberian- a Liberian who believes that Montserrado County must be looked at seriously…,” Representative Enders accentuated.

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