MYS Director For Youth Development Warns Political Godfathers Against The Use Of Young People For Selfish Political Gains

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The Director for Youth Development at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Sando James has warned those he called “Political Godfathers against using young people for their selfish political gains.

“One of the things we have seen in the youth community is the continuous use of our young people by the so-called political Godfathers, we want to take this time to clearly tell our political Godfather that do not continue to use our young people only because you want to succeed or because you want to go to the top and then you want to use the energy of our young people” he told in Kakata over the weekend.

Director James said because the political Godfathers have the money, they take advantage of the vulnerability of the young people and sometimes try to use them to perpetrate either violence or use them in other forms just to be at the top.

“You know the level of vulnerability our young people are right, we went through civil unrest in this Country; you are seeing how desperate our young people are when it comes to jobs, when it comes to empowerment opportunities and all of that” he asserted.

According to him, sometimes if the politicians are appearing on talkshow, they distribute scratch cards among the young people encouraging them to call on the show and say promotional things even though they are not doing any good things.

He narrated that during election periods, these political Godfathers purchase cars, motorbikes and cash and give them to the young people and they go on tarnishing the characters of other people.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Director for Youth Development disclosed that these things are greatly affecting the youthful community in the sense that they cannot or are not in the position to make the right decision because they are not left alone to make the decision.

Hon. Sando James said even at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, people will go and preach young people saying the young people are their treasures but as soon as they excel to leadership, nothing can be done to have them empowered.

He then called on the youths of Liberia to say no to whosoever that wants to use them only because they want to assume power stating that they’ve seen it on so many occasion.

Director James also admonished the young people to be meticulous in their decision-making process and not to allow anyone to play on them just because they want power.

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