Rep. Ellen A. Attoh Wreh Admonishes Liberians To Learn How To Reconcile, Forgive

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The Representative of electoral district #3 in Margibi County, Ellan A. Attoh Wreh is admonishing Margibians and Liberians at large to learn how to reconcile, forgive and be peaceful.

Representative Wreh said if Liberians can learn how to reconcile, forgive and be peaceful; then Liberia will move forward.

“I don’t see it necessary where heads will be put together, we go against each other and at the end of the day we still have to meet each other, so it’s actually not necessary so am calling on every citizen of Liberia to learn how to reconcile so we can move our Country forward” she lamented.

She said Liberians have had elections and here they are today adding that we all know that it was brutal and there were lots of things said and done only because people were carried away by their political leaders.

The Lawmaker stated that Liberians should look at the platform and whether it is in the interest of the people versus attacking personalities adding, ‘at the end of the election period our County, that district is all we have and we all will have to come back to it’. She averred that she doesn’t see the need that Liberians will go to the level where they will be attacking each other rather than attacking issues.

Hon. Wreh at the same time expressed the need for all Liberians to be able to reconcile within themselves something she said if Liberians cannot do it means that they cannot reconcile with each other.

According to her, reconciliation is very important and it starts with oneself before reconciling with others and it should be from the heart. She noted that once one cannot find a space in his/her heart to forgive, he/she won’t be able to reconcile from the heart.

The Margibi Lawmaker indicated that she is a victim of lots of things on a daily basis and she thinks without her being able to reconcile herself, she will not be able to talk to so many people.

She narrated that there were lots of people who spoke negative things against her during the campaign but she was able to reach out to them and they apologize and they reconcile though they are not part of her party neither do they believe in her platform, but what matters is that they reconciled.

Rep. Wreh made the statement over the weekend at a one-day peace and reconciliation retreat organized by the sub-office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Kakata Margibi County.

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