Investigation Launched Into $200,000.00usd For Liberian Youth Football Development

A probe has been launched into how a huge chunk of money intended for Liberia from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) landed in an account in Poland, says the President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), Mustaphai Raji.

Mr. Raji told his first news conference Friday that $200,000.00 USD intended for Liberian Youth Football Development went to a foreign account in Poland without the knowledge of the LFA.

He said he and his Executive Committee discovered that the money was transferred to Poland instead of Liberia when they took over the running of football late last year.

Mr. Raji said a thorough in-house investigation confirmed that the money apportioned for Liberian Youth Football Development was wired to a Polish account, the Roosevelt Contemporary Group in Poland instead of Liberia.
He said the Liberian Police have been informed about the situation and that the former General Secretary Emmanuel Diah has been requested by the LFA to provide the police information about the money.

He added that CAF has also been informed that the money did not reach Liberia and that Caf has begun its own investigation, with Egyptians Police questioning Caf Finance Department in relation to the money.

“We have registered the case with Caf and challenge the African Football Body to give information about the money”, the LFA boss noted.

Mr. Raji said the amount in question was paid out in two payments with the first made in August 2017 and the second in June 2018, both to the same account in Poland.

“When I took over I was a bit shock that payments meant for Liberia went to the same old account in Poland,” said Raji.

The LFA President Mustaphai Raji, however, said there is so far no suspect identified both in Liberia, Egypt or Poland.

He said former LFA Executives cannot be accused of any wrongdoings in relations to the transfer of the money, because the investigation has not shown their involvements.

Former LFA Executives have so far chosen to remain tight lip about the discovery.

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