Liberian Law Society Fights For Justice In Bong, As Widow Regains Property

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The 9th Judicial Circuit Court in Gbarnga, Bong County has ruled in favor of a poor Widow whose property was taken by her late husband’s family three years ago.

The House which is located on the LPMC road in Gbarnga, was turned over to the poor lady by the 9th Judicial Circuit Court in Gbarnga after the Liberian Law Society Bong County chapter had stood in the case to warrant justice for the struggling Widow.

The Liberia Law Society is an institution that provides proper legal guidance and possible representation in court for ‘’poor and marginalized Liberians’’ that have been denied their rights to rightful own land; especially for women and youth.

It also aims to litigate on behalf of widows who have been denied the right to inherit their deceased spouses’ estate, after all efforts to gain the estates through conflict mitigation method fail.
The Liberia Law Society is been supported by the EU and CAFOD and is partnering with the Development Education Network [DEN.L]

Speaking in an interview with this paper, Garman Varkpeh whose eyes over flooded with joy said she and her late husband purchased the land in 2015 and immediately generated money to build the house.

According to her, when her husband was alive, she never one day saw any family member behind her husband adding that she was surprised to have seen some individuals claiming ownership of the property she and her husband had suffered for over the years.

The poor widow noted that she has over the past been threatened by some individuals who claim to be from her late husband’s family adding that “They even plan to kill me if I were to go in the house”

She sorrowfully told our Correspondent that when her husband died, the self-proclaim family members forcefully took her out noting that she had nowhere to go but to firstly start sleeping in an unfinished building before begging people to rent a room for her and her children.

Garman Varkpeh told The Monrovia Times that she has been striving to survive for the past years due to the lack of money and support to feed her fatherless Children.

“I usually suffered to sell and feed my children, pay my rents and other things” she said.

She said, she never knew the solution to the problem but was one day advised by one of her friends to contact the Liberia Law Society Bong County branch in order to intervene the situation.
She narrated that she subsequently informed the Liberia Law Society highlighting the problem she was faced with.

She told this paper that the Liberia Law Society provided all legal and financial assistance in making her retrieve her property she has been suffering to regain over the past few years.

Our Bong County Correspondent says the case started in August of last year and was climaxed Thursday, January 17, 2019.

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