End Negative Vices Against Children In Liberia

Monrovia -The Liberian National Children’s Representative Forum and Formerly Liberia Children’s Parliament have strongly condemned the huge violence perpetrated against Liberian Children, especially the huge number in rape cases in Liberia.

Recently, an 11-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped in Nimba County, the Liberian National Children’s Representative Forum view said action as a violation of Children rights.

The Head of National Children’s Representative Forum Jutomue Doetein intoned that the “prevalence of rape cases is extremely high in Liberia and if National Government cannot do anything about it, is going to reduce the population greatly and will lead to Women and Children not realizing their full potential.”

According to an investigation by The Monrovia Times, the 11-year-old girl went to a creek to watch when she was sexually abused to death. Our investigation has also uncovered that Nimba County has become a center of Ritualistic killings, rape and witchcraft activities highly affecting the children of Liberia.

It can be recalled in January of this year, the Liberia National Police charged and send to court a man identified as Saah Joseph (not the Senator) for allegedly raping to death a fifteen-year-old girl within the New Georgia Community.

Doetein noted that the issue of gang rape is alarming, and as a representation of the children of Liberia, he believes is not normal.

“We as Children of Liberia who are said to be the emerging leaders and tomorrow’s people are living in a state that is not protective of our rights, which is allowing most of us, Children of Liberia, to not realize our dreams and potential.” He said

“We are saying enough is enough; we are tired of the ways our rights have been violated and abused. We still have 65.5% of Children mostly girls out of schools, and too many issues our National Government must address before is too late to delivering our generation.”

Jutomue Doetein wants the Liberian National Police to conduct a speedy investigation into the alleged rape cases both in Nimba County and the New Georgia Community in Montserrado County.

Speaking further Doetein is at the same time appealing to the Government to implement the rape law of Liberia, so as to minimize the huge prevalence of rapes in the country.

“We also appeal to the 54th National Legislature to pass the Domestic Violence Bill which is going to end violence against women and girls, when passed and implemented.”

He said in order to ensure Women and Girls are protected from Sexual Abuse it is important that the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection follow-up on all rape cases.

“As representation of the Children of Liberia and as part of our duties by law to Advocate, Lobby and speak out issues affecting Liberian Children, we promised that if these issues are not addressed or violence against children ends, we will continue to engage national Government in any manner and form to get Liberian Children Protected.” He disclosed.

One comment

  • These are horrific crimes and the government need not keep quite about this. These animals need to feel the full weight if the law. This is an abomination!!


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